IGNIS® Fireplace Burner Inserts: The Breakdown

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IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts. Safe Solutions.

IGNIS® Fireplace Burner Inserts: The Breakdown

This is IGNIS® Intelligence. Inspiration. Innovation. Integrity.

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Vent-Free Fireplace Inserts

As you’ve been researching ventless ethanol fireplace inserts, you’ve probably noticed that each brand has its own term for its product and for the technology. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen terms like ethanol, bio ethanol, bioethanol, ethyl, denatured alcohol, firebox, burner, insert, etc. You may even be a little confused. Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

We believe that you should be as well-versed as we are before you make a decision as to whether an ethanol-burning fireplace insert is for you. If you decide that it is (we’re confident that it probably will be), then the next decision is to select which one. Below, we will break down each IGNIS® solution so that you can make your decision with confidence. Of course, if you’re still unsure after reading this article, call us, email us or chat with us – we are here to help! 

First, let us clarify that ethanol, bioethanol, bio ethanol, ethyl alcohol, and denatured alcohol all mean the SAME thing. So, there is no difference between a bio-ethanol insert or an insert that uses denatured alcohol.

Now that we have that out of the way, we offer two types of fireplace inserts: fireplace burner inserts and firebox inserts. Both are vent-free, use the same liquid bio ethanol fuel, don’t smell nor smoke. They do, however, serve different purposes and are offered with different options. Let us first explore our ventless ethanol fireplace burner inserts:

IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Burner Inserts: Three Distinct Solutions.

We have developed three (3) ranges of vent-free burner inserts: The Eco-Hybrid Range, The Standard Ethanol Burner Range, and Our Smart Ethanol Burner Range. Each series of inserts offers a solution for different fireplace project environments, usage, safety, and convenience. Each collection also has a different price range. Visually, they are all similar:

  • IGNIS®  Eco-Hybrid (EHB) Range: This series is the least expensive of the three. These burners were developed for use in indoor, residential fireplace projects only. The EHB fireplace inserts are manually ignited with a long lighter or fireplace match and extinguished manually with the included tool. Each burner’s flame intensity may be controlled depending on the placement of the burner lid over the flame opening. Fueling is also performed manually by introducing the bio ethanol into the burner opening through a funnel. To offer our customers the best price, this series of burners is made with a 430-grade stainless steel. This grade of metal isn’t as corrosive-resistant as other grades and is less expensive as a result. The metal is just as safe and sturdy as others. It just doesn’t work well in outdoor environments or with heavy use. Each burner insert in this range is warranted for one year. 

  • IGNIS® Standard Ethanol Burner (EB) Range: This collection of fireplace inserts is priced in the middle when comparing the three ventless fireplace insert ranges we offer. The burners in this collection are appropriate for indoor/outdoor use in both residential and commercial settings. As with the EHB Range, these burners are manually fueled, ignited, and extinguished – most do not offer an adjustable flame intensity. The inserts in this range are made with 304-grade stainless steel. A heavy-duty, premium-grade, this metal is highly corrosive-resistant and long-lasting when used frequently and for long periods of time. This quality increases the cost of the metal. The fireplace inserts within the EB Range are warranted for three years. 

  • IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burner (SEB) Range: The vent-free ethanol fireplace burner inserts in the SEB range come with the highest price tag. These burners are plugged into the wall and use electricity (standard household outlet) to deliver the clean-burning flames they produce. SEB Burners were developed for indoor use in both private and public settings. These inserts are made from 304-grade stainless steel. They are ignited and extinguished by push button or by the included remote control device. They are offered with the option of control with your smartphone or tablet over WiFi & may be integrated into your Smart Home, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Crestron. Because of the added element of electricity, these burners also feature state-of-the-art safety features: Carbon Dioxide Detection, Seismic Shift Detection, Overheating Detection, Optional Child Lock. Moreover, they employ medically-graded fuel pumps for delivery of the liquid ethanol fuel into the combustion tray from a separate, sealed, and locked fuel reservoir. This reservoir also prevents evaporation of any ethanol fuel that may not have been used. All of the technology that is incorporated into these ventless burner inserts is what sets the price tag higher. However, even the highest-priced IGNIS® Smart Burner is much lower than that of our competitors. 

IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts. Freedom without a vent allows for freedom of design.


Hey Weekend Warriors! If you’re looking for a weekend fireplace project, we suggest you consider the EHB1400 DIY Bio Ethanol Burner to fire up your design!

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