Ethanol Firebox Inserts: Safe Fireplace Solutions

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Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

Ethanol Firebox Inserts: Safe Fireplace Solutions

Ventless Versatility for Fireplace Design

The IGNIS® Zero-Clearance Ethanol Firebox Insert was developed to incorporate clean-burning technology into commercial and residential fireplace designs with varying demands. The patented IGNIS® Insulant & Airflow System impedes heat transfer between the firebox and surround, making it a safe fireplace insert for new constructions, renovations, or custom furniture pieces.

In addition to its advanced safety measures, this ethanol firebox insert burns wholly renewable bio ethanol fireplace fuel that only produces heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide into the air. Therefore, it is a ventless fireplace insert, requiring no chimney, ventilation system, nor emitting smoke or odor. Yet, it offers the same warmth and ambiance as a traditional fireplace. As a range that may be requested in several configurations, with manual & automatic operational options, the IGNIS® ethanol firebox inserts afford you freedom of design, so that custom fireplaces are easily achievable. 

The Eco-friendly range of ethanol firebox inserts may be requested with your choice of ethanol burner insert – one that is manually operated, or with a smart burner for the epitome of convenience and state-of-the-art fireplace technology. Each firebox is offered in three unique configurations: Single-Sided (one-sided), See Through (two-sided), or Bay-Style (three-sided) to showcase the look of your desired design. Lastly, fireboxes are made available in two stunning color options: dazzling stainless steel or an onyx pitch-black finish.

Burner Insert Options:

Manual Ethanol Burner Insert: This series of burner inserts is manually fueled with bio ethanol fuel using the provided funnel, ignited with a long fireplace lighter, and extinguished using the included damper tool to close the lid and snuff out the flame.

Smart Ethanol Burner Insert: The smart ethanol burner series mixes evenly convenience and elegance with the intelligence of our modern era. This state-of-the-art smart fireplace burner comes standard with five levels of flame intensity, cloud-based smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, remote control device, push-button operation, the IGNIS® App for pairing with your electronic device & options for integration of dry connection smart home systems, such as Savant, Crestron, or Control4 & child lock function.

Built with state-of-the-art safety technology, standard features include seismic shift detection, carbon dioxide sensing, heat sensing, & temperature monitoring. This burner when combined with your firebox is easily filled and ignited/extinguished/adjusted by the push of a button.

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