IGNIS® Classic Ethanol Fireplace Inserts:

Vent-Free Fireplace Burners. Hassle-Free Installation.

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts: IGNIS® Vent-Free Solutions.

IGNIS® Classic Ethanol Fireplace Inserts have been specified by both those in the trade and do-it-yourselfers worldwide since 2011. Two ranges of purpose-driven, vent-free fireplace burners constitute the brand’s collection: The Classic EB Range of indoor/outdoor fireplace burners, and Eco-Hybrid Burners that are indoor ethanol fireplace insertsIGNIS® Fireplace Inserts have been used to create countless custom ventless fireplaces and fireplace conversions, creating myriad clean-burning & Eco-friendly fireplace designs. Our Ventless Fireplace Inserts produce no odor, smoke, nor mess. They require no bulky attachments nor require a chimney. The possibilities for indoor and outdoor fireplace design with these two ranges of ethanol fireplace inserts are limited only by your imagination:

IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert Ranges


EB RANGE: Indoor/Outdoor Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Sleek. Elegant. Contemporary. A collection curated for those with ambitious desires, the Ignis® EB Series of Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts is as dependable as they are versatile. A range of appliances that beautifully integrate into the bespoke interior and exterior fireplace designs in residential or commercial settings.

Crafted with high-grade 304 brushed stainless steel and manufactured with double-wall construction, this assemblage of burners allows for flexibility to harmonize in a plethora of environments while withstanding the test of time. The linear design, standout performance, and eye-catching vent-free flames make this collection ideal for those wishing to make a fiery statement – whether one-sided, see-through, C-shaped, or completely naked and exposed.

Offered in varying sizes from twelve to sixty-two inches in length, the Ignis® EB Series was conceived to suit a wide array of private and public custom fireplace designs allowing for unparalleled personalization. Employing simplistic drop-in installation and prudent spillproof technology that is supported by an industry-revolutionizing three-year warranty, Ignis® EB Fireplace Inserts have been specified by trade professionals and do-it-yourself renovators since 2011, with renowned clients such as the National Football League (NFL).  Manual ignition and extinction functions translate into an uncomplicated operation and liberate its owner from costly servicing and upkeep.


The Ignis® EB Series of ethanol fireplace inserts. Confined only by your imagination.

ECO-HYBRID RANGE: Indoor Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

When Ignis® introduced the EB Series of indoor/outdoor fireplace inserts to market, our company was in its infancy. Our values and design principles were akin to what they are today but magnified with tunnel vision: Develop a range of products with the highest grade of metal and superlative safety features to be employed in any environment possible. Period.

Our EB range became and still is a leading assemblage of vent-free fireplace solutions in the United States and abroad. It is specified by professionals to satisfy the needs of both distinguished individuals and distinguished brands in myriad settings. We received many accolades from our customers and feedback that we thoughtfully considered. One thing became apparent as we contemplated the response: Many of our customers simply wanted to enhance holidays and special moments with friends and family or enjoy the occasional fireside retreat with those who shared the residence. We wanted to formulate a solution for this part of our audience. Create a product that didn’t diminish quality or safety, but better responded to the explicit demand that clearly existed – that of an economical indoor fireplace insert. 

Our solution became what is now known as the purpose-driven Ignis® Eco-Hybrid range of indoor ventless fireplace inserts. A line of fireplace solutions intended for those who simply want to enhance the aesthetic of their living space and lifestyle with the occasional need or yearning for supreme functionality when the moment calls for it.

The Ignis® Eco-Hybrid Range of Indoor Ethanol Fireplace Inserts. Welcome Home.


Ethanol Fireplace Inserts: The Breakdown

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are the burners used to create an ethanol-burning, ventless fireplace. Composed of stainless steel, our ethanol burners are simple to use and create beautiful, lively orange flames. At IGNIS®, we offer manual burner insertsremote-controlled burner inserts, zer0-clearance firebox inserts, and ethanol fireplace grates:

Manual Burner Inserts: A manual fireplace insert is a burner that is manually ignited. Using a funnel, simply fill the reservoir with bio ethanol fuel and use a long match or fireplace lighter to ignite. Offered with and without a lip (used for a zero-clearance application), these ethanol burners may simply be inserted into any non-combustible surface. If you’re converting an existing working or non-working fireplace, simply cut an opening into the fireplace’s floor and drop the burner into the cutout. If you’re creating your own ethanol fireplace, like with a fireplace conversion, you’ll cut out a hole to the specifications (on the burner’s product page) and drop your fireplace burner into any non-combustible material. An example of this burner is the IGNIS® EB2400.

Smart Remote-Controlled Burner Inserts: Although smart fireplace inserts are inserted in the same manner as a manual ethanol fireplace insert, the difference is in its ignition, safety features, and convenience. A smart ethanol fireplace insert is ignited by push-button – whether on the burner itself, on its remote control, with an App, or your smart home system. Once initiated, the fuel pump transfers ethanol fuel from the reservoir to a burner tray which accommodates only a few centiliters of ethanol at once. As time progresses, more fuel is intermittently pumped into the burner tray which reduces the amount of “exposed” fuel, thus making it safer. These burners need to be plugged into the wall. Although this may be seen as less “freedom” when designing your fireplace, it powers the burner’s onboard safety monitoring which monitors the operation of the burner for any malfunction. It also allows for the convenience of the one-button remote control. These burners are widely used by architects, contractors, and designers. Here is the range of IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burners.

Ventless Ethanol Fireboxes: An ethanol firebox is a one-stop solution to creating a built-in or custom fireplace. These stainless steel ethanol fireplace inserts, available with single-sided, double-sided, or three-sided bay styles, include frames and are designed to build directly into the wall or custom cabinetry at your discretion. We offer the IGNIS® line of ethanol fireboxes which tender the benefit of a zero-clearance build for a flush, streamlined appearance and patent-pending safety technology that reduces the heat that reaches the box’s outer later. These fireplace solutions are the preferred application by architects, contractors, and designers. As with all our fireplaces, they are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Explore our range of Ventless Fireboxes here.

Ethanol Fireplace Grates: Simply stated, an ethanol fireplace grate is an ethanol burner that is cradled by a steel grate. Most popular for fireplace conversions, this type of ethanol fireplace insert may simply be set into the level surface of an existing hearth. The result is a real fire without the need for the flue nor the hassle of ash, soot, or embers. Many people who desire a more traditional-looking fireplace choose this option. With the grate feature, it is easy to adorn this burner with ceramic logs and make it look like a wood-burning fireplace. An example of a fire grate is EBG2400 Ventless Fireplace Grate.

Purchasing an ethanol burner that is ideal for your vision can be a daunting task. If you have any other questions or need assistance in finding the perfect ethanol fireplace insert for your project, please feel free to contact us by chat, phone, or e-mail – we’d be happy to help!

The Ethanol Fireplace Insert:

Frequently Asked Questions.

• What is different between the IGNIS® ethanol fireplace insert ranges?

IGNIS® has developed two types of ethanol fireplace inserts:

1.      Classic Manually Operated Ethanol Fireplace Insert. This type of ethanol fireplace insert has been divided into two collections: the EB Collection and the EHB (Eco-Hybrid) Collection.

a.      The EB Collection is constructed from Grade 304 Stainless Steel. These burners are appropriate for indoor and outdoor fireplace projects in both private & public settings. They offer dual-wall construction and spill-proof technology. The offering ranges from a 12” insert to a 62” insert. Ethanol Fireplace Inserts in this collection are warranted for three years.

b.      The EHB Collection is constructed from Grade 430 Stainless Steel. These burner inserts are designed for indoor residential fireplace projects only. They, too, offer dual-wall construction and are spill-proof for added safety. These fireplace inserts are offered in lengths from 14” to 44”. Each size features an adjustable flame intensity and is warranted for one year.

2.      Smart Remote-Controlled Burners. This type of ethanol fireplace insert has been designed with the latest, state-of-the-art safety and convenience features. Unlike its manual counterparts, this range of ethanol fireplace insert is operated by push-button, remote control, IGNIS® Application, or integrated into a smart home system. To learn more about the benefits of IGNIS® Smart Burners, you may read this article.

• Are Ethanol Fireplace Inserts Safe to Use Inside?

Yes. When IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Fuel combusts, it only emits warmth, water vapor, and CO2. Therefore, it is an Eco-friendly source of fuel source that doesn’t require a vent. Because of this, IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are safe to use inside. Please note, though, our fireplace inserts produce REAL FIRE. Therefore, it is crucial that all ethanol fireplace inserts are installed in spaces equal to, or greater than, the minimum cubic footage requirements that are listed on the product page for each fireplace insert. You may calculate the cubic footage of your space using this equation: room length x room width x room ceiling height. If you are uncertain which ethanol fireplace insert is appropriate for your project, please feel free to reach out to our fireplace professionals through telephone, email, or live chat. We are here to ensure you are choosing the best and safest ethanol fireplace solution!

What Materials are Required to Safely Install an Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

When installing an IGNIS® ethanol fireplace insert, the materials used in the fireplace burner’s surround must be non-combustible. A non-combustible cannot ignite nor burn when introduced to fire. The most common materials used by IGNIS® Customers, both professional and do-it-yourself, is concrete backer board. The most popular and readily available brands of backer board are HardieBacker®, DuRock®, & Wonderboard®. Other customers have chosen to install their ethanol fireplace insert into brick, stone, concrete, cement, metal, and tempered sheet glass. We also recommend employing metal studs to construct the skeleton of your custom fireplace surround.

• May I Recess or Mount a TV Over an IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

Yes. If you would like to mount or recess a television over your fireplace insert, it is important to adhere to a minimum of thirty-inches (30”) of clearance between the two appliances. This space is measured from the top of the ethanol fireplace insert’s flame opening to the bottom of the tv, sound bar, etc. As additional measure to block the heat transfer from the ethanol fireplace insert to the tv, a mantle or shelf-like piece between the two is recommended. Remember, an ethanol fireplace insert is ventless. You keep all the heat it emits – and, as we know, heat rolls up. So, the efforts to “control” this warmth, the safer the installation becomes. The piece you elect for placement between the fireplace and tv should extend from the wall a distance that is at least equal to the tv. We also recommend that it is made from a material (like stone or metal) that is non-combustible and can withstand the heat that it will receive.

• May I control the flame size of an IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

The answer to this question is specific to the ethanol fireplace insert in which you have interest. All models in the Eco-Hybrid Collection (indicated by EHB in the model number) incorporate a sliding lid mechanism. This mechanism allows for the adjustability of the insert’s flames. By closing the lid, the flame size, heat output, and operational costs will be reduced, while the burn time is extended. Only the EB1200 & EB1400 models in the Classic EB Collection offer this feature. All other models beginning with “EB” offer only “on and off” functionality. The heat output emitted by these ethanol fireplace inserts dictate that the metal does not sit over the flame and is therefore hinged, to not warp the lid preventing extinction when desired.

• Are All IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts Warranted?

Yes. Each ethanol fireplace insert produced by IGNIS® is warranted to be free of defects. The inserts in the Classic EB Collection are delivered with a three-year warranty. Fireplace Inserts in the Eco-Hybrid (EHB) Collection are warranted for a period of one year. Complete terms and conditions of the warranty may be found here.

• Can I use fireglass or decorative accessories with an IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

Yes. Decorative accessories that are intended for use with a vent-free fireplace insert may be used to adorn IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts. It is important to note, though, that all decorative pieces of media should be arranged AROUND the burner opening of the fireplace insert. It MUST NOT be placed directly over the flames. Also, it is vital to be sure that the decorative pieces don’t prevent the adjustment or extinguishing function of the fireplace insert. We also suggest that decorative items consist of larger individual pieces that can’t accidently enter the combustion chamber. If a decorative accessory falls into the chamber, it may emit unknown toxins and may not be able to withstand the direct heat, causing it to smoke or violently break and expel itself creating a safety risk.

• May I use multiple ethanol fireplace inserts in my custom design?

While you may elect to employ multiple ethanol fireplace burners into your design, it is important to understand the potential safety risks this presents. When bio ethanol fireplace fuel burns, it is the vapors that ignite and combust. Therefore, even if you don’t intend to light an ethanol fireplace insert, if it is positioned next to one that you are igniting, there is a possibility that it, too, will ignite (because the vapors are still being emitted). This is especially important to note when having to reach across an insert to light or extinguish another. Therefore, before moving forward with a design of this type, we strongly urge that you contact an IGNIS® Fireplace Expert for a free consultation. It will be helpful to have a sketch or rendering of the design so that we may consult on the safest way to move forward. Fireplace Experts may be reached via phone, email, or chat.

• Do IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts Create an Odor?

No. While bio ethanol fireplace fuel, when in its raw state, has an odor of alcohol, our ethanol fireplace inserts are designed to be vent-free, smoke-free, and odor-free during combustion. Immediately upon extinguishing, a slight scent may be detected (like the one present when blowing out a candle) but will be light and last for only a moment. We always suggest using IGNIS® Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel when fueling one of our ethanol fireplace inserts. It is the cleanest ventless fireplace fuel offered on the market today. If you experience an odor, however, there are some things to consider that may be the origin of the smell.

  1. You are using an incorrect fuel type or an inexpensive brand of ethanol fuel that is not manufactured correctly.
  2. There is debris (packing material, dust, etc.) that is burning and causing the odor.
  3. If an odor is noticed after the first ignition of the fireplace insert, it may be burning machining oil that hasn’t been completely cleaned off after manufacture. If this is the case, the odor will dissipate after a couple of burns.
  4. The ethanol fireplace insert is installed in a space with inadequate cubic footage for the fireplace insert to operate safely.
  5. The surround that has been constructed for the insert is made of combustible material and said material is heating or starting to burn. If you believe this to be the case, immediately extinguish the fireplace insert and inspect the fireplace’s surround.
  6. There are about 2% of the population that suffers from hyperosmia. This condition makes the individual hyper-sensitive to odor and a scent may be detectable by these individuals.
• Can an IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert be Installed Outside?

Only models belonging to the Classic EB Collection may be installed into outdoor fireplace designs. Eco-Hybrid (EHB) models are not designed for outdoor use. Before installing an ethanol fireplace insert from the EB Collection outside, though, please understand the following limitations:

  1. When installing an ethanol fireplace insert outside, it must be installed in an area that is partially covered so that it doesn’t have direct contact to the outdoor elements. It is suggested that, when in an outdoor setting, the ethanol fireplace insert be positioned under an overhang, partial roof, etc.

  2. In exterior environments that contain saltwater in the air, the outdoor installation of an ethanol fireplace insert is discouraged. Like any metal, stainless steel will quickly rust in this environment. If the setting in which you are installing a fireplace contains saltwater air, please contact our fireplace experts who may be able to assist with an alternative fireplace solution specific to your needs.

  3. When situated outside, it is important to monitor debris, etc. that may enter the ethanol fireplace insert’s combustion chamber and impede or alter its performance. We suggest that any ethanol fireplace insert that is used outdoors be covered or removed (only once cool) until the next time it is ignited. It is important to examine the inside of the insert prior to lighting it and remove any debris that may cause an irregular response.
• Will the stainless steel ethanol fireplace insert tarnish over time?

Yes. The exposure to heat, as with any stainless steel, will cause “rainbow” markings over time. The presence of these markings will vary depending on the frequency in which the ethanol fireplace insert is used. Also, a carbon residue on the fireplace insert after use may be seen. Both are normal occurrences and are easily addressed – when, and only when the fireplace is EXTINGUISHED and COOL TO THE TOUCH:

1.      When noticing “rainbow” markings on the ethanol fireplace insert, we suggest the use of the stainless steel cleaner BARKEEPERS FRIEND. Just follow the instructions on the product’s packaging to get rid of the rainbow patterns on the metal. To bring back the shine of the insert’s metal once cleansed, use a stainless steel cleaner to increase the brilliance. A regular maintenance regimen will keep your fireplace insert looking new for years to come.

2.      When black carbon residue is present in or around the ethanol fireplace insert, easily remove the powder-like substance with a vacuum. Once removed, using soap and a soft rag, wipe in line with the brush marks of the stainless steel. A regular maintenance regimen using this process will help to maintain the brilliance of the insert’s stainless steel for many years.