IGNIS® Classic Ethanol Fireplace Inserts:

Vent-Free Fireplace Burners. Hassle-Free Installation.

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts: IGNIS® Vent-Free Solutions.

IGNIS® Classic Ethanol Fireplace Inserts have been specified by both those in the trade and do-it-yourselfers worldwide since 2011. Two ranges of purpose-driven, vent-free fireplace burners constitute the brand’s collection: The Classic EB Range of indoor/outdoor fireplace burners, and Eco-Hybrid Burners that are indoor ethanol fireplace inserts. IGNIS® Fireplace Inserts have been used to create countless custom ventless fireplaces and fireplace conversions, creating myriad clean-burning & Eco-friendly fireplace designs. Our Ventless Fireplace Inserts produce no odor, smoke, nor mess. They require no bulky attachments nor require a chimney. The possibilities for indoor and outdoor fireplace design with these two ranges of ethanol fireplace inserts are limited only by your imagination:

IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert Ranges:

EB RANGE: Indoor/Outdoor Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Sleek. Elegant. Contemporary. A collection curated for those with ambitious desires, the Ignis® EB Series of Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts is as dependable as they are versatile. A range of appliances that beautifully integrate into the bespoke interior and exterior fireplace designs in residential or commercial settings.

Crafted with high-grade 304 brushed stainless steel and manufactured with double-wall construction, this assemblage of burners allows for flexibility to harmonize in a plethora of environments while withstanding the test of time. The linear design, standout performance, and eye-catching vent-free flames make this collection ideal for those wishing to make a fiery statement – whether one-sided, see-through, C-shaped, or completely naked and exposed.

Offered in varying sizes from twelve to sixty-two inches in length, the Ignis® EB Series was conceived to suit a wide array of private and public custom fireplace designs allowing for unparalleled personalization. Employing simplistic drop-in installation and prudent spillproof technology that is supported by an industry-revolutionizing three-year warranty, Ignis® EB Fireplace Inserts have been specified by trade professionals and do-it-yourself renovators since 2011, with renowned clients such as the National Football League (NFL).  Manual ignition and extinction functions translate into an uncomplicated operation and liberate its owner from costly servicing and upkeep.

The Ignis® EB Series of ethanol fireplace inserts. Confined only by your imagination.

ECO-HYBRID RANGE: Indoor Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

When Ignis® introduced the EB Series of indoor/outdoor fireplace inserts to market, our company was in its infancy. Our values and design principles were akin to what they are today but magnified with tunnel vision: Develop a range of products with the highest grade of metal and superlative safety features to be employed in any environment possible. Period.

Our EB range became and still is a leading assemblage of vent-free fireplace solutions in the United States and abroad. It is specified by professionals to satisfy the needs of both distinguished individuals and distinguished brands in myriad settings. We received many accolades from our customers and feedback that we thoughtfully considered. One thing became apparent as we contemplated the response: Many of our customers simply wanted to enhance holidays and special moments with friends and family or enjoy the occasional fireside retreat with those who shared the residence. We wanted to formulate a solution for this part of our audience. Create a product that didn’t diminish quality or safety, but better responded to the explicit demand that clearly existed – that of an economical indoor fireplace insert. 

Our solution became what is now known as the purpose-driven Ignis® Eco-Hybrid range of indoor ventless fireplace inserts. A line of fireplace solutions intended for those who simply want to enhance the aesthetic of their living space and lifestyle with the occasional need or yearning for supreme functionality when the moment calls for it.

The Ignis® Eco-Hybrid Range of Indoor Ethanol Fireplace Inserts. Welcome Home.


Ethanol Fireplace Inserts: The Breakdown

Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are the burners used to create an ethanol-burning, ventless fireplace. Composed of stainless steel, our ethanol burners are simple to use and create beautiful, lively orange flames. At IGNIS®, we offer manual burner inserts, remote-controlled burner inserts, zer0-clearance firebox inserts, and ethanol fireplace grates:

Manual Burner Inserts: A manual fireplace insert is a burner that is manually ignited. Using a funnel, simply fill the reservoir with bio ethanol fuel and use a long match or fireplace lighter to ignite. Offered with and without a lip (used for a zero-clearance application), these ethanol burners may simply be inserted into any non-combustible surface. If you’re converting an existing working or non-working fireplace, simply cut an opening into the fireplace’s floor and drop the burner into the cutout. If you’re creating your own ethanol fireplace, like with a fireplace conversion, you’ll cut out a hole to the specifications (on the burner’s product page) and drop your fireplace burner into any non-combustible material. An example of this burner is the IGNIS® EB2400.

Smart Remote-Controlled Burner Inserts: Although smart fireplace inserts are inserted in the same manner as a manual ethanol fireplace insert, the difference is in its ignition, safety features, and convenience. A smart ethanol fireplace insert is ignited by push-button – whether on the burner itself, on its remote control, with an App, or your smart home system. Once initiated, the fuel pump transfers ethanol fuel from the reservoir to a burner tray which accommodates only a few centiliters of ethanol at once. As time progresses, more fuel is intermittently pumped into the burner tray which reduces the amount of “exposed” fuel, thus making it safer. These burners need to be plugged into the wall. Although this may be seen as less “freedom” when designing your fireplace, it powers the burner’s onboard safety monitoring which monitors the operation of the burner for any malfunction. It also allows for the convenience of the one-button remote control. These burners are widely used by architects, contractors, and designers. Here is the range of IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burners.

Ventless Ethanol Fireboxes: An ethanol firebox is a one-stop solution to creating a built-in or custom fireplace. These stainless steel ethanol fireplace inserts, available with single-sided, double-sided, or three-sided bay styles, include frames and are designed to build directly into the wall or custom cabinetry at your discretion. We offer the IGNIS® line of ethanol fireboxes which tender the benefit of a zero-clearance build for a flush, streamlined appearance and patent-pending safety technology that reduces the heat that reaches the box’s outer later. These fireplace solutions are the preferred application by architects, contractors, and designers. As with all our fireplaces, they are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Explore our range of Ventless Fireboxes here.

Ethanol Fireplace Grates: Simply stated, an ethanol fireplace grate is an ethanol burner that is cradled by a steel grate. Most popular for fireplace conversions, this type of ethanol fireplace insert may simply be set into the level surface of an existing hearth. The result is a real fire without the need for the flue nor the hassle of ash, soot, or embers. Many people who desire a more traditional-looking fireplace choose this option. With the grate feature, it is easy to adorn this burner with ceramic logs and make it look like a wood-burning fireplace. An example of a fire grate is EBG2400 Ventless Fireplace Grate.

Purchasing an ethanol burner that is ideal for your vision can be a daunting task. If you have any other questions or need assistance in finding the perfect ethanol fireplace insert for your project, please feel free to contact us by chat, phone, or e-mail – we’d be happy to help!