An Indoor Ethanol Fireplace for more heat less hassle

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Indoor Ethanol Fireplace by IGNIS

An Indoor Ethanol Fireplace for more heat less hassle

An Indoor Ethanol Fireplace: Keep the heat. Lose the cost and hassle.

Many of the people with whom we speak every day want one simple thing: a fireplace in their homes. Most of these people express to us that their fireplace use would be considered “occasional” or reserved mostly for igniting on special occasions. Some come to us because of a barrier to the installation of another fireplace type. Perhaps they are unable to run a gas line or are living in a condominium where installing a chimney can’t happen. Most people, however, simply cannot justify the high cost of more traditional fireplace installation and maintenance for occasional use. And we don’t blame them!
More traditional fireplace types involve costly installation and maintenance. Many installation costs reach more than $20,000 when it is all said and done. Even repairing an existing fireplace to be safe can reach a cost of half that. For the occasional fireplace experience, especially in volatile times when spending is monitored a bit more closely, many consider the cost just too high.

Now, however, there is a solution. There is, in fact, a way to have a fireplace in your home without these high costs – and that is just one of the benefits of an indoor ethanol fireplace by IGNIS®. Appliances that are fueled by liquid biofuel, these fireplace solutions burn cleanly, are Eco-friendly, do not produce an odor, ash, or soot, and do not require a vent or chimney. IGNIS® Indoor Ethanol Fireplaces are not permanently attached, require no electricity, and produce genuine fire and warmth. As such, there are no extensive costs associated with installation. You may choose a fireplace that is plug-n-play that requires no construction or an ethanol burner that may be installed into your own fireplace design. With its versatility, an indoor ethanol fireplace allows for the same fireplace experience – just more efficient and less costly than other technologies.

Indoor Ethanol Fireplaces: How do they work?

Whether opting for a prefabricated model or choosing to customize your fireplace design, all indoor ethanol fireplaces use an ethanol burner. Ethanol burners are either inserted into our prefabricated surround or into a custom surround that you build. Liquid bio ethanol fuel, designed specifically for combustion in fireplaces, is poured into the ethanol burner. Once fueled, the fireplace is then ignited either manually or automatically, depending on the solution you choose. The vapors emitted by the fuel will combust and within a 10–15-minute period you will be treated to vibrant orange flames and ambient warmth. Because ethanol fuel burns cleanly, it will not smell, spark, crackle, or smoke. As with any other fire, the flames will be influenced by oxygen and will “dance and jump” for an awe-inspiring aesthetic. This show of fire may be experienced until all the fuel is consumed or until you close the burner lid and extinguish it. It’s all up to you.

An Indoor Ethanol Fireplace: Is it safe anywhere inside?

While ethanol fireplaces are safe indoors, they still produce a real fire. As you may know, fire consumes oxygen. Because of this, there must be enough oxygen available in the space you intend to use the fireplace. Therefore, it is important to note the minimum space requirement of any ethanol fireplace before using it indoors. The required space varies with the amount of fire each model produces. It is calculated to be sure that there is enough oxygen available for both the fireplace and the people around it to breathe comfortably.

The genuine fire produced by an ethanol fireplace also presents the same fire-related risks as any other fireplace. So, its placement and distance from other objects are also important when being used indoors (or anywhere).

Provided, though, that an indoor ethanol fireplace is installed in a large enough area and the same precautions used with any fire-producing appliance are observed, it is the safest genuine fireplace experience available. There are no rogue sparks, there is no smoke to worry about, and there is no fuel line under you or a large fuel tank next to you. No intricate switches or levels are present to malfunction. The fuel is contained – not laying about. So, if used as directed, all danger has been minimized.

Indoor Ethanol Fireplaces: Are they expensive to run?

The answer to this is relative – specific to your beliefs. Here’s what we’ll say, though:

When compared to wood or gas, ethanol fireplace fuel tends to cost more. However, we believe an “apples-to-apples” comparison doesn’t tell the whole story. While the operating expense may seem a bit higher, the volume that is required is lower. Ethanol fireplace fuel is shipped free on demand in as little as three quarts. Secondly, the heat produced by ethanol isn’t released through a chimney or vent system. It stays in the space for you to enjoy – making an indoor ethanol fireplace more efficient. Lastly, when considering the cost savings seen with installation and ongoing maintenance, the cost is more controllable.

So, big picture an indoor ethanol fireplace is cheaper to install, cheaper to maintain, is more efficient and doesn’t “heat the outdoors”, doesn’t require a fuel subscription, and is delivered free to your doorstep on demand. The level of expense, however, is for you to decide.

Indoor Ethanol Fireplaces: The solution types.

There are several IGNIS® Indoor Ethanol Fireplace Solutions from which to choose. To select the best option for you, we suggest asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do I want a prefabricated solution or am I working on a custom design?
2. Do I want a portable fireplace?
3. Do I want a fireplace on the floor, on the wall, in the wall, or in an off-the-wall design?

With the answers to these questions, an indoor ethanol fireplace may be achieved with the following solutions:

An Indoor Ethanol Fireplace: I’m still not sure.

We understand that indoor ethanol fireplaces are something new for many people. If you have questions or would like to discuss your individual space, needs, ideas, or projects, fireplace professionals at IGNIS® specialize in ethanol fireplace education, safety, and problem-solving. Available by phone, email, chat, or web conference, the IGNIS® team is here to help – not sell. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like assistance. For over a decade we’ve helped thousands of clients create warm, safe fireplace experiences. We would love to hear from you!

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