New! IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireplace Inserts

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Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

New! IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireplace Inserts

Ignis® is pleased to introduce or range of Remote-Controlled Zero-Clearance Smart Ventless Firebox Inserts made possible by genuine ingenuity from an authentic brand, this range of ethanol-burning fireplace solutions encompasses style, function, luxury, accomplishment, and power for the most convenient, safest fireplace insert – period.

Offered in several sizes with one, two, and three-sided configurations, the IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireboxes may be requested in full grade 304 brushed stainless steel or modern black carbon steel, at your discretion. Poised to power countless custom fireplace designs in both new construction and renovation projects alike, IGNIS® has elevated the inherent beauty of fire while controlling its inherent risk. Enhancing the versatility of classic ethanol fireplaces with the added conveniences of automation by push-button or remote-controlled operation with the included remote control, the IGNIS® App, or Smart Home Systems, such as Alexa, Google Home, and more.  

Because we Rethink Fire™, we didn’t stop there. The conveniences of IGNIS® Smart Firebox Inserts are matched by state-of-the-art safety features:

  • An Overfill Sensor
  • Overheating Sensor
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor
  • Seismic Shift Detection
  • Separate & Sealed Fuel Reservoir
  • Designated Combustion Chamber
  • Optional IGNIS® Guardian Child Lock

… And then we patented the IGNIS® Insulant & Air Flow System to impede as much heat transfer as possible so that our firebox inserts may be safely installed into the surround of your choosing safely. 

Putting the proverbial bow on this advanced appliance, we stood tall and backed our firebox shells with a ten-year warranty and the electronic burner for three years

So, now we’re ready for all of you architects, designers, contractors, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss current or future custom fireplace projects. After all, we contemplate fire. It’s just what we do – with smarts!

IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burners & Fireboxes
Ventless Smart Fireplace Inserts by IGNIS®

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