Hot Real Estate Listings: Home Staging With Ethanol Fireplaces

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Top Selling Realtors Use IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplaces for Home Staging

Hot Real Estate Listings: Home Staging With Ethanol Fireplaces

Summer is slowly making its way toward the crisp months of fall. Forward-thinking realtors are getting ready to play up the fireplace as a must-have amenity in homes on the market. Greeting potential buyers and discussing the property’s finer points in front of an active fire is sure to add a personal touch on a realtor’s service and a moment of reflection with an interested client – not to mention value.

Of course, fireplaces are only value-adding features if they are present and operational. It is when a listed property doesn’t have a fireplace, or the existing one is non-functional, that top selling real estate agencies turn to ethanol fireplaces and fireplace inserts for a cost-effective, emotion-evoking, hassle-free, instant edge over comparable listings on the MLS. Here are three ways real estate agents use IGNIS® Fireplace Solutions for scorching hot selling points:

Ethanol Fireplaces for Home Staging and More.

1. Home Staging: Popular for memory-making open houses, successful realtors take advantage of the ease and versatility of a free standing ethanol fireplace. Portable, ventless fireplaces that have a designer look, this type of clean-burning fire feature is plug-and-play and can be placed pretty much anywhere. Adding the ambiance and warmth of a traditional hearth, these models, like the Tectum White Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace, create a cozy feel for potential buyers and don’t put off an odor. Even better, once “SOLD” is slapped on the sign, the fireplace is packed up and ready for its next event.

2. Photo Shoot Props. The ever-clever listing agent knows that sales are in the details – like photos and video tours. Ethanol Fireplace Inserts make the perfect prop to make your listing pop. A high-quality image of a lit fire will be worth more than a thousand words on an agent or firm’s website or in print / digital advertising. An ethanol-fueled, portable, smoke-free fireplace burner is simply placed inside a wood-burning or non-functioning gas hearth that has been bled and capped and lit with a grill lighter. Within minutes, the fireplace is ready for a closeup!

3. Adding Value. There’s nothing more disappointing than a fireplace that can’t be used because it needs expensive chimney repair. Who wants to invest tens of thousands of dollars for the occasional fireside moments? This is especially true for those in warmer climates who are limited to the amount of use their fireplace gets in the first place. Smart real estate agents turn to the fireplace solutions at IGNIS® to get the best of both worlds for potential buyers and themselves – real warming flames with little cost. Here’s how:

Fireplace Mantle Perfect for IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert

    • For wood-burning fireplaces that need chimney repair, the realtor simply closes the flue, measures the interior of the hearth, and calls IGNIS® for a fireplace burner or grate. Once it arrives and is unpacked, it is simply placed on the floor of the fireplace, filled with bio ethanol fireplace fuel, and ignited. Now, there is a real fire, producing real heat, and ambiance. Adding even more value, the heat stays in the room and doesn’t escape through the chimney. Efficiency? Check!
    • For inoperable gas fireplaces, the real estate agent ensures that the gas lines have been bled and capped. Any existing hardware is removed and, just like above, the measurements are taken and the call to IGNIS® is made.

So, if you are a real estate agent anywhere in the United States and have listings you want to turn into piping hot listings, ethanol fireplaces are an effective way to turn up the heat! SEO Services can help get the word out and for even more value-adding tips on home staging for faster and more profitable home sales, we found a helpful article at

As always the fireplace pros here at IGNIS® are happy to help you in increasing the value of your listings with our vent-free fireplace solutions. Please feel free to call, email, or chat with us!

IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplaces: Bringing the heat to the MLS.

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