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The functional and decorative uses of Ignis® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces are remarkable whether large or small. Primarily used as secondary heat sources and for their ambient qualities, ventless ethanol fireplaces contribute to the overall aesthetic of any space and create a focal point around which all will gather. Our ethanol fireplaces come in a wide range of styles to complement the decor of any room in which they are installed. You can choose a model of a single ethanol burner or multiple inserts at your discretion. No matter your choice, these clean-burning fireplaces are certain to bring with them ambiance-making flames without the hassles of traditional hearths.


Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces:

Frequently Asked Questions.

• What are recessed ethanol fireplaces built into?

When installing a recessed ethanol fireplace, the surround in which it is installed must be composed of a non-combustible material. Non-combustible means that the material is incapable of igniting and burning when subjected to fire. This includes concrete backer board, such as HardieBacker®, DuRock®, & Wonderboard®, brick masonry, concrete blocks, cement, metal, and sheet glass.

• Are recessed ethanol fireplaces safe for indoor use?

Yes. When IGNIS® Liquid Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel goes through the combustion process, only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are emitted. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly fuel source, doesn’t need a vent, and is safe to use indoors. Please note, however, because the fire that IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces produces is REAL, it consumes oxygen. Because of this, it is vital to install the fireplace in a space that is sized in accordance with the minimum cubic footage that the fireplace requires for safe use.

• May I remove the frame of the fireplace so that only the firebox opening is visible?

Yes. Most IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces are received with frames that may be removed. The exception is the VILLA model, which employs black tempered glass in the construction of its frame. If you opt to remove the frame, please remember that the material used for the surround’s facing is composed of a non-combustible material, such as ceramic tile, stone, stone veneer, or brick.

• May I recess or mount a television over an IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplace?

Yes. If you would like to mount or recess a television over your fireplace, please allow a minimum clearance of thirty inches (30”) from the top of the fireplace’s burner(s) and the bottom of the television. Additionally, to impede the most heat transfer between appliances, we suggest installing a mantle or shelf-like piece between the two. This piece should be composed of a non-combustible material and should extend from the wall no less than that of the television.

• May I adjust the flame intensity of IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces?

Yes. Each model of recessed fireplaces produced by IGNIS® employs our signature EB1200 Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert. This burner features a sliding lid mechanism for flame extinction and to adjust the flame’s intensity – thus adjusting flame height, heat output, fuel consumption, and cost of operation.

• Are IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces Warranted?

Yes. Each ventless recessed fireplace we produce is backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty. Complete terms and conditions of the warranty may be found here.

• May I choose one longer ethanol burner insert instead of smaller multiple burners?

No. Unfortunately, we do not make available recessed ethanol fireplaces with one long burner. Although this is something that IGNIS® engineers are working on, it hasn’t yet been perfected. Stay tuned, though, because we Rethink Fire™.

• Do IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces install flush against the wall?

No. When installed in accordance with our instructions, there will be a slight space between the wall and the fireplace’s frame. This space, of less than an inch, allows for additional air exchange. Remember, our recessed fireplaces are ventless. Therefore, you get the benefit of all the heat they produce. Therefore, this slight gap allows for the heat to “circulate” better – making the fireplace safer to operate.

• Do I have to use the glass panel that’s included with the fireplace?

No. We include a pane of safety glass with each recessed ethanol fireplace. Although it is optional to employ the glass, you may want to consider the following:

1.      The glass panel will act as a barrier between small fingers and the active flames.

2.      The glass blocks breezes and reduces the cost of operating the fireplace.

• Can I use fireglass or decorative pebbles with an IGNIS® Recessed Fireplace?

Yes. Decorative media that is rated for ventless fireplace use may be used in our recessed ethanol fireplaces. Please note, however, decorative pieces should not be placed directly over the flame. Also, ensure that the media doesn’t impede the extinguishing function of the fireplace. Lastly, when choosing decorative fireplace media, we suggest larger pieces that cannot fall into the burner’s flame opening.

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• May IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces be mounted on the wall instead of built into it?

Yes. If you so choose, any recessed model may be simply hung on the wall (like a picture) with the included mounting bracket. Please note, however, that the firebox that is intended to be hidden in the wall will be exposed. This unfinished portion (depending on the location of the fireplace’s installation) will be visible when viewed from its profile position.

• Are IGNIS® Recessed Fireplaces offered with a remote-control option?

No. At this time, our recessed ethanol fireplaces are not available with a remote control feature. However, we do have two options to ponder if this is an important component for you:

1.      Smart Ethanol Fireplace Burner Inserts. These fireplace inserts are offered with remote control and may be integrated into any Smart Home System. If you would like to speak to a fireplace expert about the other differences, please feel free to email info(at), call 855-MY-IGNIS, or simply click the Chat Button below for assistance.

2.      Recessed Electric Fireplaces. IGNIS®’s INTU Range of electric wall fireplaces includes remote control operation. Although this collection does not produce a real flame, it does offer the convenience of both built-in installation and remote operation.

• If I purchase a fireplace with multiple burners, do I have to operate them all at once?

Yes. Although each burners operates exclusively from the next, it is important to light and extinguish each burner together when using the recessed fireplace. When bio ethanol fuel is used, it is the vapors, not the liquid itself, that combust. Because of this, it is crucial to remember that an unused burner may still combust (unexpectedly) because it is emitting the ethanol vapors. Additionally, it is vital that a burner NEVER be refilled while others are afire. For more information, please consult the user manual available on each product’s page or feel free to reach out to the IGNIS® Fireplace Experts for a thorough explanation.

• May I install an IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplace outdoors?

Yes. However, please note the following points before installing an IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplace in an outdoor environment:

1.      In an outdoor setting, the fireplace must be installed in a locale with partial coverage so that it is not directly subjected to outdoor elements. An eave-like structure or large pergola are examples.

2.      Outdoor environments where there is saltwater present in the air are highly discouraged. As with any metal, stainless steel will rapidly deteriorate in this setting. Should you care to install a fireplace in an area under these conditions, please contact customer care for fireplace options using a metal better suited for this application.

3.      Be mindful of debris that may blow into the burners. For best overall performance and safety, the burners (only once cool) should be covered or removed until the next use. Inspect the interior of each burner prior to ignition to be sure they are free of debris.

• Will the stainless steel frame and/or burners tarnish over time?

Yes. As with any stainless steel, the exposure to heat will cause “rainbow” markings on the stainless steel. Additionally, you may note carbon residue on the burners after use. Both are normal conditions that are easily remedied – when the fireplace is UNLIT and COOL:

1.      If you notice “rainbow” markings on the metal frame, we suggest the use of the metal cleaner BARKEEPERS FRIEND. Simply follow the instructions to remove the rainbow markings. To restore the brilliance of the metal once cleaned, use a stainless steel cleaner for shine. A regular schedule of this cleaning will maintain the brand-new look of your fireplace for years to come.

2.      If you notice black carbon residue in or around the burners, simply vacuum the powder-like substance. Then, using soap and a soft cloth, clean moving in line with the brush marks of the stainless. A regular schedule of this cleaning will also maintain the look of your fireplace for many years.

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The IGNIS® Collection of Ventless In-Wall Fireplaces fit perfectly into any wall composed of non-combustible material and require no venting, chimney nor flue. Whether these decorative fireplaces are mounted or installed into the wall of your family room or outdoor patio, you’ll find they provide noteworthy character in any space. A go-to when you need a little bit of extra illumination or heat inside or out, this range of flush-mounted fireplaces provides the solution. Instantly add to the overall warmth of your space with any one of our recessed models.

Despite your preference in decoration, there’s a recessed ethanol fireplace here you’ll be able to employ. Whether you’re looking to do a new project or one during a remodel, the IGNIS® Collection offers a solution. Many of our ethanol-burning fireplaces feature striking, high-quality stainless steel frames that install flush into the wall. The dramatic effect of the bright, orange flames plays off the material for an unparalleled look. If a designer look is what you’re after, you may want to consider a zero-clearance firebox. These patented IGNIS® ventless fireplace solutions create seamless custom ethanol fireplaces with no clearances required.

Ethanol Fireplaces can only be useful and safe in a space when they are size-appropriate and meld into the decor of the indoor or outdoor space. Be sure to select a ventless fireplace that is sized well and coordinates with the colors and textures of the immediate area. By ensuring that the piece is the correct size and that it offers the look you’re after, you’ll enjoy your investment for years to come. If you have any questions about the recessed fireplaces offered here, please call us at 855-MY-IGNIS, email us at, or reach out through our online chat system.

How Is An Ethanol Fireplace Recessed?

Compared to other build-in solutions, an ethanol fireplace is fairly easy to install (recess). As you know, our bio fires are vent-free, so there are no attachments, other than the one-bracket system that hangs the fireplace. So, depending on your skill level, it is plausible to recess the unit yourself. If you are personally unable to, a handyman or carpenter should be able to perform the job quickly and at a reasonable cost. Below is an overview of the steps taken to recess an ethanol fireplace:

Frame. The first step that is taken is to frame (bump) out the surround that will house your recessed fireplace. Ideally, this skeleton should be constructed with metal studs. It is important that the skeletal structure is level for optimal fireplace performance. 

Once the frame has been built, we suggest you verify the following before proceeding:

  • There are not (or will not be) any flammable materials within 40″ anywhere around the fireplace, as you have positioned it.
  • There are no windows or drapes/curtains within 80″ of the structure.
  • If you are mounting or recessing a television over the ethanol fireplace: there is (will be) at least 30″ of clearance between the two appliances?  

After having verified these safety requirements, you may proceed to step 2:

Fireproof. This is arguably the most important step in recessing ethanol fireplaces. It becomes even more important if you decided to construct the skeleton of the fireplace’s surround with wood and not the suggested metal studs. 

Now the frame has to be faced with a non-combustible material. Remember, your alcohol fireplace produces real flames which emit real heat. The fireplace WILL GET HOT. The entire structure, to a minimum of 24″ all the way around the fireplace should be covered with non-combustible material, such as concrete backer board, brick, or any other material that is incapable of igniting when subjected to intense heat or fire. There should be no material within 2 feet up, down, left, or right of the recessed ethanol fireplace. when you are finished with this step.

Fit./Finish. Before beginning this step, the facing/finish of your custom fireplace surround will determine the best course of action:

  • If you are finishing UP TO the fireplace frame, at this stage you will hang the fireplace’s wall bracket in the recessed opening according to the installation manual. The fireplace body may be secured in place. DO NOT, however, equip the fireplace with the ethanol burners at this time. This will ensure no building or other material enters the burner(s) and impede the fireplace’s performance. 
  • If you are finishing up to the cutout in which you have incised to accommodate the fireplace, you will start facing the structure and follow above once complete. 

No matter the course of action taken, the ethanol fireplace burner inserts should not be inserted until the area of construction has been cleaned. Only then is it advised to drop their burners in place and attach the safety glass that accompanies the fireplace. 

Fire it up. Once the fireplace is complete, after you’ve read the operating instructions thoroughly, and checked a final time for any potential safety issues, you are ready to IGNITE YOUR IGNIS for the first of many fireside moments and memories to come. 

Please Note: This overview is not intended to be a complete instruction on the installation of a recessed ethanol fireplace. It should be considered a supplement to the installation guide that accompanied the fireplace upon taking receipt. If you did not receive a manual, a digital copy may be found here, or please email us for a hard-copy replacement. If any questions arise during the installation process, please reach out to us before your initial use of the fireplace. Every question, doubt, and concern that you may have are of the utmost importance to us. We are available in person at our New York location, online by email or chat, by telephone or text, and by appointment through a video conference.