Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces

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Save Floor Space with an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace.

At IGNIS®, we offer many ways to introduce a fire element into your indoor or outdoor space. Our Wall Mounted Fireplace Collection allows you to enjoy a ventless, smoke and odor-free fireplace experience just about anywhere you’d like without sacrificing valuable floor space. We know that buying an ethanol wall fireplace online can be difficult. So, we’ve added many images and videos to be sure you get a clear view of our vent-free fireplace offering. We strive to offer clean-burning and Eco-friendly fireplaces that are of the highest quality and that will never go out of style! Shop today and enjoy the ventless wall fireplace you’ve always wanted for your indoor or outdoor space from the IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Wall Mount Collection!

Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are only useful and safe in a space when they are sized correctly to the space and coordinate with the theme of the indoor or outdoor space. Be sure to select a ventless fireplace that produces enough ambient warmth in the space by considering the area, including the height of the ceiling and the quality of insulation. Thinking about this first will ensure that you’re extending the life of your investment. If you have any questions about the wall-mounted fireplaces offered here, please call us at 855-MY-IGNIS, email us at info(at)ignisproducts.com, or reach out through our online chat system.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces:

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What can wall mounted ethanol fireplaces be hung onto?

When hanging a wall mounted ethanol fireplace, the wall on which it is hung must be non-combustible. A non-combustible material means that it is unable to ignite and burn when subjected to fire. Materials that are non-combustible include concrete backer board, such as HardieBacker®, DuRock®, & Wonderboard®, brick masonry, concrete blocks, cement, metal, and sheet glass.

  • Are wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces safe for indoor use?

Yes. When IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Fuel burns, only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are produced. Therefore, it is an Eco-friendly fuel that doesn’t need to be vented making it safe to use inside. Because however, the flames that IGNIS® Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplaces produce is REAL, it utilizes oxygen. Therefore, it is important to mount the fireplace in a size-appropriate space that is in accordance with the minimum cubic footage that the fireplace requires for safe use. The requirement for each fireplace may be found on the product’s page at ignisproducts.com

  • May I recess a wall mounted ethanol fireplace into the wall?

Yes. Most IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol may be recessed into the wall. Like when simply hung, the fireplace must be installed into a non-combustible wall made of concrete backer board, brick, stone, etc. When facing around the wall mounted fireplace, the media used should also be non-combustible, such as stone or ceramic tile.

  • May I recess or mount a television over an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace?

Yes. If you would like to mount or recess a television over your fireplace, a minimum clearance of thirty inches (30”) from the top of the fireplace’s burner(s) and the bottom of the television is required. Additionally, to reduce heat transfer from the fireplace to the television, we also encourage the installation of a mantle or shelf-like piece between the two. This structure should also be composed of a material that is non-combustible and should jut out from the wall no less than that of the television.

  • May I adjust the flame intensity of IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces?

Yes. Each wall mounted ethanol fireplace made by IGNIS® includes our celebrated EB1200 Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert. This burner insert employs a sliding lid mechanism for flame extinction and to adjust the flame’s intensity. Along with this adjustment, heat output, fuel consumption, and cost of operation may be fine-tuned in accordance with the user’s needs and wants.

  • Are IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces Warranted?

Yes. Each IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace is delivered with a three-year manufacturer warranty. Complete terms and conditions of the warranty may be found here.

  • Will the stainless steel frame and/or burners discolor at any point?

Yes. As with any stainless steel product, the high heat exposure will help to develop “rainbow” marks on the stainless steel. Also, you may notice a carbon residue on the burner inserts after they’ve been used. Each of these conditions is normal and easily addressed – only once the fireplace is UNLIT and COOL:

1. If you notice “rainbow” marks on the stainless steel frame, we recommend using a metal cleanser, such as BARKEEPERS FRIEND. Just follow the instructions on the product’s labeling to remove the rainbow markings caused by the heat exposure. To bring back the brilliance of the stainless after it’s been cleaned, use a stainless steel cleaner for shine. A frequent schedule of this simple maintenance will preserve the brand-new look of your wall mounted ethanol fireplace for many years.

2. If you note a black carbon residue in or around the burners, just vacuum the powdered substance to remove it from the burners. Once vacuumed, clean the burner with soap and a soft rag, moving in the direction of the brush marks of the stainless steel. A routine of this cleaning will also maintain the appearance of your fireplace for several years.

  • May I choose one longer ethanol burner insert instead of smaller multiple burners?

No. Unfortunately, wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are currently not available with one long, linear burner. This is, however, something that IGNIS® engineers are working on, it just hasn’t yet been perfected. Look for this type of wall fireplace in the future, though, because at IGNIS®, We Rethink Fire™.

  • Do I need a professional to install the wall mount fireplace?

Provided you, or someone you know, can measure, use a drill, screwdriver, and a level, you should not require the assistance of a professional. If you or yours are not able to perform these tasks, we suggest a handyman who is reputable in your local area. There is a step-by-step installation guide at the bottom of this page for further clarification.

  • Do IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces hang flush on the wall?

No. The wall mounted ethanol fireplace, when hung with our one bracket hanging system, will jut out slightly from the wall. To allow sufficient air flow, the fireplace will be a couple inches from the wall, due to the bracket at the top. At the bottom, to ensure leveling, standoffs equal the depth of the bracket. Remember, our wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are vent-free. Therefore, you get the value of all the heat they produce. Therefore, this slight space allows for better heat circulation – making the fireplace safer.

  • Are IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces available with remote control?

No. At this time, our wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are not available with a remote-control operation. If, however, this feature is important, you may want to consider the following IGNIS® Fireplace Solutions:

1. Smart Ethanol Fireplace Burner Inserts. These fireplace inserts are offered with remote control and may be integrated into any Smart Home System. They require the construction of a custom surround and a standard residential electrical outlet.  If you would like to learn more about this fireplace solution, you may speak to a fireplace expert Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM. Simply email info@ignisproduts.com, call 855-MY-IGNIS, or click the Chat Button below for assistance.

2. Recessed Electric Fireplaces. IGNIS®’s INTU Range of electric wall fireplaces includes remote control operation. Although the fireplaces in this collection produce a faux flame, it does offer the convenience of both wall mounted installation and remote-control ignition, extinction, adjustment, and more!

  • If I purchase a wall mounted ethanol fireplace with multiple burners, must I operate all burners at the same time?

Yes. Although each burner operates as an individual, it is vital to ignite and extinguish all burners together when using the wall mounted fireplace. When ethanol is used as a fuel source, it is the vapors, not the liquid fuel itself, that combusts. Because of this, it is very important to note that an extinguished burner may still ignite (unexpectedly) because it is still putting off the vapors of the ethanol. Additionally, it is crucial that a burner insert NEVER be refilled while others are active. For additional information, please consult the user manual available on each product’s page or reach out to the IGNIS® Fireplace Experts for a thorough explanation and understanding.

  • May I install an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace outdoors?

Yes. However, please note the following points before installing an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace in a space outside:

1. When installed outside, the wall mounted fireplace must be installed in an area that is partially covered to prevent direct exposure of the outdoor elements. An eave-like structure or large pergola are some examples.

2. In areas where there is a saltwater presence in the outdoor air, installation of wall mounted ethanol fireplaces is highly discouraged. Like any metal, stainless steel will rapidly deteriorate in this environment. If you wish to install a fireplace in an area close to the ocean, etc., please contact customer care for custom outdoor fireplace solutions.

3. Be watchful of debris that may blow into the burners of the fireplace. As a best practice in maintaining your wall mounted ethanol fireplace outdoors, the burners (only once unlit & cool) should be covered or removed until your next intended use. Look over the inside of each insert before adding fuel and lighting again to ensure there is no debris present.

  • Do I have to use the glass panel that’s included with the fireplace?

No. We include a panel of tempered glass with each wall mounted ethanol fireplace. Even though its use is at your discretion, please remember the following:

1. The pane of tempered glass acts as a safety measure, placing a barrier between small fingers and the active flames.

2. The tempered panel shields the fireplace’s flames from drafts and lowers the cost of operating the fireplace by controlling the oxygen that the fireplace is using to present its flames.

  • Can I use fire glass or decorative accessories with an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Fireplace?

Yes. Decorative accessories that have been approved for use in ventless fireplaces may be employed in our wall mounted ethanol fireplaces. Please take note, though, that decorative pieces must not be placed directly over the flames. Additionally, be sure that the accessories don’t prevent you from extinguishing the fireplace. Finally, when selecting decorative media for the fireplace, we recommend larger pieces that are unable to accidentally enter the combustion chamber.

Installing an IGNIS® Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplace

As convenient to install as they are to use, our wall mount ethanol fireplaces are easily installed by using a simple one-bracket system.

You will need:

  • Drill
  • 1/4″ drill bit
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Included hardware (anchors and screws)
  • Level

Before starting the installation process, please inspect the wall-mounted fireplace, the ethanol burner inserts, and the mounting hardware to be sure no damage occurred during transport. Also, it is advised that the ethanol burners are not near the area where the installation is occurring. This will prevent foreign elements from entering the burner’s chamber and causing irregular or unsafe performance, smoke, or odor. 

Step One. Take your measurements. Align the wall bracket and mark the wall, indicating where the drill holes are needed.

Step Two. Drill 1/4″ holes into the wall in the location indicated by your markings.

Step Three. Insert the plastic anchors that you received with the fireplace.

Step Four. Align the bracket with the holes you drilled and secure the bracket to the wall using the screws that were delivered with the fireplace. The bracket should be secured into wall studs for the safest installation.

Step Five. Raise the fireplace body (without yet placing the burners or glass into/onto the fireplace). Align the back mount with the top of the wall bracket, slightly off-centered to the left. Then, slowly move the fireplace to the right until you feel the fireplace lock securely onto the bracket.

Step Six. Drop the ethanol fireplace inserts into the body.

Step Seven. Once in place, be sure that the fireplace is even by verifying the installation with a level.

Step Eight. Place the glass panel that was received into the glass brackets on the fireplace’s front side over the viewing area. Please note that the glass will seem loose once placed into the brackets. This added space is intentional for the tolerance of high heat.

Prior to igniting your IGNIS® Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplace for the first time, it is advised that you double-check that the fireplace has been mounted in a safe location. There should be nothing within 40 inches of the fireplace and no windows or drapes/curtains within 80″ of the fireplace. The top of the fireplace should be no closer than 40″ to the ceiling. The bottom of the fireplace should be at least 36″ from the floor.

IGNIS® has been a leading brand, providing safe wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces and other in-wall fireplaces to the United States and throughout the world since 2011. For over a decade, we have contemplated bioethanol fires and the modern fireplaces that we develop to control them. We strive each and every day to challenge technology, trailblaze and deliver more convenient and safer wall-mounted vent-free fireplaces to the consumer. 

We are largely able to improve our products through the feedback from our customers, so please feel free to reach out should you care to help us make the best bioethanol fireplaces and fireplace inserts on the market!