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Do Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Produce Heat_IGNIS

Do Ethanol Fireplaces Provide Heat?

Do Ethanol Fireplaces Provide Heat? Ethanol fireplaces are gaining popularity worldwide. Architects, contractors, interior design professionals, and do-it-yourself remodelers are attracted to this low-cost, user-friendly fireplace alternative. However, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet that causes confusion about ethanol fireplaces, their function, and...
Are Ethanol Fireplaces Really Worth It - IGNIS

Are Ethanol Fireplaces Really Worth It?

Are Ethanol Fireplaces Really Worth it? We have heard this question a lot. While we would love to scream “yes” at the top of our lungs, that wouldn’t be fair. To some people, ethanol fireplaces are worth more than their weight in gold. To others, however,...
Top Selling Realtors Use IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplaces for Home Staging

Hot Real Estate Listings: Home Staging With Ethanol Fireplaces

Summer is slowly making its way toward the crisp months of fall. Forward-thinking realtors are getting ready to play up the fireplace as a must-have amenity in homes on the market. Greeting potential buyers and discussing the property’s finer points in front of an active...