Ethanol Firebox Inserts: Safe Fireplace Solutions

Ventless Versatility for Fireplace Design The IGNIS® Zero-Clearance Ethanol Firebox Insert was developed to incorporate clean-burning technology into commercial and residential fireplace designs with varying demands. The patented IGNIS® Insulant & Airflow System impedes heat transfer between the firebox and surround, making it a safe fireplace insert for new constructions, renovations, or custom furniture pieces. In addition to its advanced safety measures, this ethanol firebox insert burns wholly renewable bio ethanol fireplace fuel that only produces heat, water vapor, and carbon...

Ardella Ventless Recessed Ethanol Fireplace on a Wall

It’s Time For Recess.

Vent-Free & Installing a ventless recessed ethanol fireplace is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to incorporate a unique fireplace design into any new construction or remodeling project. Complete with a frame that sits near-flush to the wall, an IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplace is a solution for those who are looking to make a statement or those wishing for a more subtle impact. Offered in varying sizes, this type of ventless fireplace offers a solution to all, regardless of the space...

Ignis Smart Bio Ethanol Burner Inserts in Stainless Steel

IGNIS® Intelligence: The Smart Ethanol Burner Range

IGNIS® Intelligence. IGNIS® Safety All Smart Ethanol Burners are offered with the optional IGNIS® Guardian Child Lock Feature. Contact us for more information! The History: It was in the 1900's when fireplaces became known as architectural elements in the home. Quite popular during the time, "fireside chats" by the US President helped to change the overall mindset that a fireplace was only used as an appliance - a heater for the home. These chats illustrated the aesthetic quality of fireplaces and connected the...

Ignis Grate Conversion

IGNIS® Improvements: Ventless Fireplace Conversion Grates

Bring your fireplace back to   IGNIS®  Improvements: A series of solutions for remodeling your home. Very often, we receive calls from people that have a wood burning or gas fireplace in their home. There are generally two things that prompt them to call: First, their fireplace is inoperable or it’s structurally compromised and unsafe to use. Secondly, they’re tired of chopping wood or paying a high gas bill. When they stumble upon us, their voices typically sound glum and low-spirited. Generally,...

IGNIS® Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

IGNIS® Fireplace Burner Inserts: The Breakdown

This is IGNIS® Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email Share on print Three Ranges. One Promise. Unlimited Possibilities. As you've been researching ventless ethanol fireplace inserts, you've probably noticed that each brand has its own term for their product and for the technology. There's no doubt that you've seen terms like ethanol, bio ethanol, bioethanol, ethyl, denatured alcohol, firebox, burner, insert, etc. You may even be a little confused. Don't worry - you're not alone! We believe that you should be as well-versed...

Smart Electronic Ethanol Firebox


Ignis is pleased to announce the rollout of our newest and most exciting product - Smart Electronic Firebox! Overall fireboxes are one of our most popular items. But this is no just a simple firebox, this is a top notch firebox with the added twist of a Smart Bio Ethanol Electronic Burner. If your phone is smart why shouldn’t your fireplace be?