Hi. We Are Ignis®

A producer of eco-sensitive and vent-free fireplace solutions, IGNIS®, based in New Jersey, USA, has developed, patented & introduced fire-producing products that are alternatively fueled since 2011.

The offering of our brand is one of prestige, yet it is priced for availability to the mass market. With a select but diverse catalog, IGNIS® addresses consumer needs with a range of products that considers myriad functions, environments, applications and styles to best curate a fireside experience for individual aspirations.

We Rethink Fire.™

It's What We Do

We contemplate fire.

We know that fire doesn’t exist in a natural state. It can only exist by consuming something else. We know that it is always active. We know that it is measured in brightness, reaching height and its amount of motion. We know it emits heat and light. We know that it may be beautiful and enjoyed. We know that it can be destructive and feared.
These are the things we know. On all else we dwell.

We control the flames.

It is because we know that fire cannot exist without consuming another element, we are driven to control it; Taking advantage of its inherent beauty and controlling its inherent danger. We rethink fire™ because the warmth and light emitted by those in a fire’s surround evokes emotion, comfort, relaxation, contemplation and social encouragement.
These are the things we like. We make them happen.

We disrupt technology.

At IGNIS® , there is a drive to never see a condition as a problem nor barrier. In our contemplation, we look at the world, especially fire, in a completely different way than the status quo. We don’t see problems. We see puzzles. We see opportunities. We see challenges. It is when something is deemed impossible that we do our best work. We believe you aren’t growing if you are comfortable. Disruption motivates us. These are the reasons we’ve become pioneers.

We have a VISION.

It is our vision to promote a lifestyle that affords a sense of luxury, opulence and indulgence while reviving face-to-face socialization yet encouraging individuality through an ecologically sensitive approach.

We are on a MISSION.

It is our mission to develop Eco-friendly alternative fireplace solutions that promote prestige while priced for availability to the mass market. To use a responsive, problem-solving, customer-centric model that curates a product offering spanning each genre of the category, using only the most appropriate materials and safety measures for sublime fireplace experiences.

We are driven by our VALUES.

Our core value, these individual beliefs, are our system. Without our system, we can’t exist. This group of beliefs is the mentor on whom we rely.


Always continue our knowledge in all aspects to ensure a safe, quality product and communicate our learnings to the customer.


Always place safety above all principles. Continue to develop safer product and continue education of the customer to ensure safe practices.


Never stop challenging technology. Each problem that arises is simply a hurdle that we haven’t overcome yet. Design. Develop. Patent. Be Better. Be Safer.


Always provide a product offering that evolves using customer feedback to fuel the future of design, performance, functionality and safety.

The fire is within us.


Vladimir Brodsky

The Brains
(Chief Executive Officer)

Co-Founder. IGNIS® was Vladimir’s brain child. The son of an entrepreneur, it was only natural that his now successful company began in the very basement of his father’s own store. A proud husband with two incredible daughters, Vlad is admired by all for his balanced and fair demeanor and voted “Nicest in the Company” at the last holiday party. His innate business instincts have nurtured the company to the success that it sees today.


Vasyl Hrydovvy

The Inventor
(Chief Operating Officer)

Co-Founder. An inquisitive and intelligent person who plays on curiosity, Vasyl is the holder of the many IGNIS® design and utility patents. A lover of physical labor and problem solving, he’s always on the go and the one for whom everyone is always searching. A family man, he is the father of two boys. Vasyl gains the respect of employees by never asking them to do something he’s not willing to do himself – sometimes just doing it for them.


Yury Manukyan

The Genius
(Chief Technology Officer)

It is very possible that without Yury, there would be no IGNIS®. A part of the family since the company’s inception, Yury, with his prodigious talents and abilities, has created the face of the brand from its logo design to the workings of its website and far beyond. So far beyond that he is highly respected by all for being the go-to in the company for everything and anything and for doing so with patience and grace. He is a dedicated husband and proud father of two girls.


Patrick Murray

The Mouth
(Chief Brand Officer)

As a former retailer for IGNIS®, Patrick had a relationship with the company before joining it. Enamored with the values by which the company was driven and the value and quality it provided, it was logical to join forces. Known as a “little” talkative and to think outside the box (really outside), he forms the voice and message of the brand and is often heard saying he “bleeds IGNIS® orange”.


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