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Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

Ethanol Firebox Inserts: Safe Fireplace Solutions

Ventless Versatility for Fireplace Design The IGNIS® Zero-Clearance Ethanol Firebox Insert was developed to incorporate clean-burning technology into commercial and residential fireplace designs with varying demands. The patented IGNIS® Insulant & Airflow System impedes heat transfer between the firebox and surround, making it a safe fireplace...
Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

New! IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireplace Inserts

Ignis® is pleased to introduce or range of Remote-Controlled Zero-Clearance Smart Ventless Firebox Inserts made possible by genuine ingenuity from an authentic brand, this range of ethanol-burning fireplace solutions encompasses style, function, luxury, accomplishment, and power for the most convenient, safest fireplace insert - period. Offered...