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Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

Ethanol Firebox Inserts: Safe Fireplace Solutions

Ventless Versatility for Fireplace Design The IGNIS® Zero-Clearance Ethanol Firebox Insert was developed to incorporate clean-burning technology into commercial and residential fireplace designs with varying demands. The patented IGNIS® Insulant & Airflow System impedes heat transfer between the firebox and surround, making it a safe fireplace insert for new constructions, renovations, or custom furniture pieces. In addition to its advanced safety measures, this ethanol firebox insert burns wholly renewable bio ethanol fireplace fuel that only produces heat, water vapor, and carbon...

Ethanol Firebox Insert - IGNIS

New! IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireplace Inserts

Ignis® is pleased to introduce or range of Remote-Controlled Zero-Clearance Smart Ventless Firebox Inserts made possible by genuine ingenuity from an authentic brand, this range of ethanol-burning fireplace solutions encompasses style, function, luxury, accomplishment, and power for the most convenient, safest fireplace insert - period. Offered in several sizes with one, two, and three-sided configurations, the IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireboxes may be requested in full grade 304 brushed stainless steel or modern black carbon steel, at your discretion. Poised to...