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Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace - IGNIS® Maximum

A Hanging Hearth – The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace Part One: Home is where you hang your hearth. Have you always wanted a fireplace? But when pondering the work and expense involved in installing and maintaining one you’ve decided against it. You want a real fire, not faux flames delivered by an electric fireplace. You want to be mesmerized by authentic flames, but don’t want to cut wood or install expensive gas lines. Just a little heat for the autumn evenings and a touch of...

Lata Recessed Ethanol Fireplace by IGNIS®

IGNIS® Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Keep the Space & the Warmth.

An ethanol fireplace that is either wall mounted or recessed offers many advantages. Compared to a freestanding fireplace, an ethanol wall fireplace doesn’t expend valuable square footage of the space. Since this type of ventless fireplace is hung onto or built into the wall, it is an ideal solution for incorporating a fireplace into your room’s design.Another benefit to a wall mounted or recessed ethanol fireplace is that, compared to more traditional fireplaces, they are relatively inexpensive to install...