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Ethanol Insert - EB2400 - IGNIS

Ethanol Fireplace Insert: EB2400 Data Images Video

EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert The Hot Points. Residential Applications Commercial Applications Indoor / Outdoor Applications 18 3/5" Flame Length One of the most popular ethanol burners in the IGNIS catalog, the EB2400 ethanol fireplace insert has become the centerpiece for countless indoor and outdoor custom fireplace designs globally. When fueled with...
IGNIS Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert - 6 Designs

Six Designs Using a Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert

The Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert: A Burner Learner. When designing a fireplace with a bio ethanol fireplace insert, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Because they do not require a chimney, flue, nor other ventilation apparatus, these burners allow you to let your creative juices flow. IGNIS®...