A Hanging Hearth – The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

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Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace - IGNIS® Maximum

A Hanging Hearth – The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

Home is where you hang your hearth.

Have you always wanted a fireplace? But when pondering the work and expense involved in installing and maintaining one you’ve decided against it. You want a real fire, not faux flames delivered by an electric fireplace. You want to be mesmerized by authentic flames, but don’t want to cut wood or install expensive gas lines. Just a little heat for the autumn evenings and a touch of ambiance to boot, right?

Well, we may have the ideal solution for you: An IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace. Yes, a fireplace that is simply mounted on the wall with a single bracket. No ventilation to install, no gas pipe to run, no smelly smoke, and no messy ash. Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces are fueled by liquid bio ethanol. They are ventless, produce no smoke, don’t smell, and don’t produce ash, sparks, nor embers. In other words, perhaps the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of having – without the expense or hassle you encountered in the past.

IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces are sleek, modern clean-burning fireplaces that simply hang on the wall of choice just like a picture. They produce vibrant flames, actual heat, and add to the ambiance of your already-comfy home. A noteworthy solution for smaller spaces where floor space is at a premium, these ethanol fireplaces that are wall mounted extend mere inches into the room for minimal intrusion.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace - IGNIS® Maximum

Because this type of vent-free fireplace is simply hung on the wall, it is a much less expensive fireplace solution than the alternatives. There is no need for the installation or ongoing maintenance of a chimney. Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces do not require electric or other attachments. And, the bio ethanol fireplace fuel that they use is shipped directly to your door, when you want, in quart-sized bottles that are both easy to store and to handle.

As convenient as they are eye appealing, an ethanol wall mounted fireplace is easy to fuel, adjust, extinguish, and maintain. Simply pour the clean-burning liquid fuel into the fireplace’s burner(s), ignite the fuel with a long grill-style lighter, and enjoy the dancing orange flames and supplemental warmth. When you’re finished enjoying your fireplace experience, simply slide the lid of the burner(s) closed and extinguish the flames. Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces produce no sparks nor embers, so you don’t have to wait for the fire to smolder out.

Made available in several sizes, IGNIS® has an ethanol fireplace wall mount model for most sized spaces. From the one-burner Senti model to the statement-making, six-burner Maximum model. There’s no construction or true installation required. All that’s needed to install a Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace is a screwdriver, stud finder, level, and the included mounting hardware. Simply choose the location you would like to mount the fireplace. Locate the studs behind the wall, alight the single bracket mounting system, and attach it with the screws. Next, hang the fireplace onto the bracket and lock it in place. Once firmly attached to the wall, simply drop in the burner inserts and you’re ready for your first IGNIS® fireplace experience.

So, now you can have that fireplace you’ve always wanted without the hassle and cost. IGNIS® Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces are among the safest fireplace solutions on the market today. With double-wall construction and spill-proof technology, you can create fireside moments with loved ones and enjoy peaceful moments of reflection alone. All done on your terms – real fire, real warmth, and zero-hassle.

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