IGNIS® Improvements: Ventless Fireplace Conversion Grates

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Ignis Grate Conversion

IGNIS® Improvements: Ventless Fireplace Conversion Grates

Bring your fireplace back to LIFE!


IGNIS®  Improvements: A series of solutions for remodeling your home.

Very often, we receive calls from people that have a wood burning or gas fireplace in their home. There are generally two things that prompt them to call: First, their fireplace is inoperable or it’s structurally compromised and unsafe to use. Secondly, they’re tired of chopping wood or paying a high gas bill. When they stumble upon us, their voices typically sound glum and low-spirited. Generally, the cost to repair non-working fireplaces far outweigh the value for most people who would like only the occasional fireside retreat. 

Things take a turn for the better, though, when we explain about our range of vent-free ethanol burning fireplace grates. As we run off the list of benefits that an ethanol fireplace presents, their downtrodden demeanor starts to perk up. It is when we explain the minimal costs and no installation afforded by this technology, however, that we make a new lifelong friend. So, because we can never have enough friends, we decided to  get the word out!

Our assemblage of ventless fireplace grates burns liquid bio ethanol fuel, otherwise known as denatured alcohol. Derived from plants, usually corn, instead of petroleum, it is Eco-friendly and emits no smoke, ash nor odor during combustion. Because IGNIS® fireplace grates employ this clean burning fuel, there is no need to use the old chimney. In fact, we actually encourage you to close it. And so there you have the first beneficial factors to converting your existing fireplace into one that is ethanol burning: You don’t have to repair your chimney nor permanently install a ventilation system or fuel line, as ethanol is bottled in convenient quart-sized bottles. The second benefit is that you get to keep all of the heat your fireplace is burning. Already, you’re more efficient!

Our range of fireplace grate inserts are composed of two separate components: the ethanol burner and the grate surround. The ethanol burners are from our EB range of fireplace inserts. They are made with premium grade 304 brushed stainless steel. Each was designed using double-walled construction and IGNIS® spill proof technology is integrated into each one as part of our commitment to fireplace safety. The second component is the grate element itself. An encasement in which the ethanol burner insert is nestled, the grate is composed of steel and powder coated in black. This housing adds heft to the freestanding unit and conceals the stainless steel burner. Many of our clients with existing hearths inhabit a space more traditional in aesthetic. The use of the ethanol grate blends better with the surroundings than that of the more contemporary metal. Lastly, the grate allows for the use of ceramic logs or other fireplace media for a more authentic fireplace vibe. 

Ranging in length from 12 ¼” to 42 ¼”, IGNIS® has a solution for most people who would like to convert to a clean burning biofuel. Along with the assortment of sizes, the ethanol burner inserts are made available with a standard or darkened stainless steel top plate. 

So, what are you waiting for? Revive the old fireplace in five easy steps:

Step One: Measure the interior of the fireplace’s width and depth.

Step Two:  Find the grate in the EBG Range that fits your opening and make your purchase.

Step Three: If it is a wood burning hearth, close the flue. If it is a gas fireplace, call a plumber to bleed and cap the lines. 

Step Four: Unpack your grate when it arrives. Set it into the hearth and be sure it’s level. 

Step Five: Fill the ethanol burner with fuel and ignite your revived fireplace!

Really – it’s that easy. If you have any questions, though, IGNIS® fireplace experts are available by phone, email or live chat to ensure you’re comfortable with making the best decision for you and your lifestyle!

An IGNIS® Improvement Solution: The EBG Range of Ventless Fireplace Conversion Grates. Go From Drab to Rehab in Minutes!

IGNIS® Ventless Fireplace Conversion Kits

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