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Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace - IGNIS® Maximum

A Hanging Hearth – The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

The Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace Part One: Home is where you hang your hearth. Have you always wanted a fireplace? But when pondering the work and expense involved in installing and maintaining one you’ve decided against it. You want a real fire, not faux flames delivered by...
Lata Recessed Ethanol Fireplace by IGNIS®

IGNIS® Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Keep the Space & the Warmth.

An ethanol fireplace that is either wall mounted or recessed offers many advantages. Compared to a freestanding fireplace, an ethanol wall fireplace doesn’t expend valuable square footage of the space. Since this type of ventless fireplace is hung onto or built into the wall, it...