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IGNIS® zero-clearance bio ethanol fireboxes offer the safest means to fluently incorporate clean burning technology into private and public designs with varying demands. Although the fireplace and its purposes have changed vastly over the years, generosity and hospitality have remained a constant. The two series of the vent-free firebox insert range was developed to adapt to modernity, give a nod to those unchanged traditional values and move your vision from concept to reality.

Conceived for those who value their floor space, our wall mounted ventless ethanol burning fireplaces are so handsome they can hang anywhere. A simple one-bracket suspension system means more time hanging out in front of the fire – not installing it. So, all of you non-DIYers, we have you covered! An ideal vent-free fireplace solution for those in spaces where a fireplace would otherwise be impossible. Real clean burning flames and warmth coupled with clean, modern lines.

This IGNIS® collection of ventless wall fireplaces recess perfectly in any wall composed of non-combustible material and require no venting, chimney nor flue. Whether these decorative fireplaces are installed into the wall of your family room or outdoor patio, you will find they provide noteworthy character in any space. A go-to when you need a little bit of extra illumination or heat, this range of flush-mounted fireplaces provides the solution. A marriage of picturesque style & ambient warmth.

Offering all the luxuries extended by more traditional hearths, IGNIS® Floor Style Fireplaces alter the ambient temperature, vibe, and posture of your living space. Made available in one and two-sided designs with up-to-the minute complexions, this group of en vogue freestanding ventless fireplaces coordinate with countless decorating themes, color schemes and personal tastes.

Style. Function. Luxury. Accomplishment. Audacity. Power. Refinement. All made possible by genuine ingenuity from an authentic brand. Powered by a standard household electrical outlet, this range of fireplace burners boasts state-of-the-art safety and convenience. Taking the fireplace experience to the next level, these burners may be operated by push button, remote control, IGNIS® APP, Amazon Alexa and Google Home Smart Home Systems. Also offered with dry connections for Crestron, Control 4, Savant, Lutron & More!

Manually operated, our offering of traditional ethanol fireplace inserts & fireplace grate conversion kits allows for real clean burning flames almost anywhere. Vent-free with no attachments, the fireplace inserts are simply dropped into a custom, non-combustible surround while our ventless fireplace grates are simply set into a non-working hearth to bring your old fireplace back to life! Choose the ventless fireplace solution that is right for you – from indoor residential projects to those that are outdoors or in commercial environments.

Producing no smoke, smell, nor ash, IGNIS® Liquid Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel offers a real fire – complete with brilliant orange flames and real warmth. Made in the USA and comprised of reclaimed and recycled waste products that contain alcohol, IGNIS® Fuel is considerate of the environment and to those who use it. Our fuel is bottled in convenient one-quart PET bottles that feature a safety-pour mechanism, child-proof cap, safety foil and a bitterant to deter ingestion.

For those who cannot employ the use of an ethanol burning fireplace solution in their space, Ignis® introduces the Royal Electric Fireplace Collection. A series of CE Certified wall mounted fireplaces with several choices of customization, this collection allows for the simulation of fire and supplemental heat in any well-appointed space – private or public.

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The IGNIS® brand is characterized by its blend of elegance, sophistication, and a refusal to compromise with modernity or progression. IGNIS® is the response to the market’s needs – a brand that has become synonymous with powering the most spectacular fireplaces and living an irresistible lifestyle. Explore freestanding models and ethanol wall fireplaces as plug-and-play solutions for instant ambiance and warmth.




From the Eco-Hybrid Range of fireplace inserts, the IGNIS® EB2400 is popular with those professionals with an residential interior fireplace project. A purpose-driven collection of vent-free fireplace solutions, the burners in the EHB line utilize a 430 grade stainless for a marriage of economics and reliability.


Easily integrated into interior spaces with countless decorating styles, this pitch black flush-mounted ethanol wall fireplace is a hit with those contractors and designers with a budget-conscious client. A hole-in-the-wall installation is low cost and provides the professional with the idyllic piece around which to build the focal point of the space.


Made available with both a manually-operated or intelligently-operated IGNIS® burner insert, the C-shaped firebox configuration offers the solution for a clear view of the frame presentation from multiple vantage points. With its patented IGNIS® heat stopping technology, this firebox is among the safest on the market.
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When those responsible for delivering the best need the best, they come to IGNIS®. South Florida’s premiere address for engineered luxury, the Porche Design Tower is residence to 132 well-attended occupants.
Destination Living that embodies a new definition of luxury, comfort, and convenience, our solutions feel right at home because IGNIS® is one of the differences between live and living.

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Jack Morton, the globally-renowned experience brand agency who crafts customer journeys for all the major players from Google to Cadillac on to Nike and Covergirl was charged with recreating the Good Morning Football Television Set for the NFL Network.

Jack’s people called ours. Our very own Patent-Producing-Papa and co-founder, Vasyl, went to the set. It is conveniently located right here in Jersey. Then he went to work. Now, the NFL Network broadcasts the show in front of a bespoke fireplace powered by IGNIS®.

People seem to love it. Even the Broadcast Production Awards who awarded BEST TV SET IN SPORTS to Jack Morton Worldwide for the design.
We like to think we helped. So, thank you. First, we would like to thank Mom …

Ventless Fireplace Conversion Grates

Very often, we receive calls from people that have a wood-burning or gas fireplace in their home. There are generally two things that prompt them to call: First, their fireplace is inoperable or it’s structurally compromised and unsafe to use. Secondly, they’re tired of chopping wood or paying a high gas bill. When they stumble upon us, their voices typically sound glum and low-spirited. Generally, the cost to repair non-working fireplaces far outweigh the value for most people who would like only the occasional fireside retreat.

Things take a turn for the better, though, when we explain our range of vent-free ethanol burning fireplace grates. As we run off the list of benefits that ethanol fireplaces present, their downtrodden demeanor starts to perk up. It is when we explain the minimal costs and no installation afforded by this technology, however, that we make a new lifelong friend. So, because we can never have enough friends, we decided to get the word out!

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