It’s Time For Recess.

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Ardella Ventless Recessed Ethanol Fireplace on a Wall

It’s Time For Recess.

Vent-Free & EASY!

Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces

Installing a ventless recessed ethanol fireplace is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to incorporate a unique fireplace design into any new construction or remodeling project. Complete with a frame that sits near-flush to the wall, an IGNIS® Recessed Ethanol Fireplace is a solution for those who are looking to make a statement or those wishing for a more subtle impact. Offered in varying sizes, this type of ventless fireplace offers a solution to all, regardless of the space that can be designated to the fireplace.

So, here’s what you need to know in order to make memories around an IGNIS® recessed ethanol burning fireplace:

  • Most recessed fireplaces will require you to “bump out” the wall in which they are installed. This allows for the fireplace to be the focal point of the space while providing adequate airflow to disperse the heat inside the wall.
  • While it is recommended that this be done using metal studs, wooden studs are acceptable ONLY IF they are wrapped with a non-combustible material measuring a minimum of 5/8″ in thickness. An opening (or recess) is left in the structure, per the specifications of the model you are installing.
  • Once the structure has been erected, it is then generally faced with a concrete backer board. Acting much like drywall but with a non-combustible makeup of concrete in its interior, this type of material is required for the safe use of IGNIS® recessed models. Once faced, there should not be a combustible (like wooden studs) visible within the structure. Popular brands of concrete backer board include, but are not limited to DuRock®, WonderBoard®, or HardieBacker®.
  • After ensuring that there a no combustible materials exposed within the structure or within 24-inches, the wall bracket is mounted approximately four inches from the top of the recess opening.

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