Ethanol Fireplace Insert: EB2400 Data Images Video

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Ethanol Insert - EB2400 - IGNIS

Ethanol Fireplace Insert: EB2400 Data Images Video

Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert - EB2400 - IGNIS

EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert

The Hot Points.

One of the most popular ethanol burners in the IGNIS catalog, the EB2400 ethanol fireplace insert has become the centerpiece for countless indoor and outdoor custom fireplace designs globally. When fueled with IGNIS bioethanol fireplace fuel, its display of fire creates a fireplace experience that is both visually and physically enjoyable. It is offered with a top plate in the silver of classic brushed stainless steel or in a dramatic black at your discretion. 

EB2400 offers a modern linear flame that spans over one-and-a-half feet. It is composed of high-grade 304 stainless steel. This grade is highly corrosion-resistant so that the fireplace insert may be employed in outdoor fireplace designs. With a fuel capacity of seven liters, the burner needs less refilling and provides long fireplace experiences of over 11 hours, making this an ideal fireplace insert for hospitality venues. 

As a versatile appliance, the EB2400 fireplace insert may also be employed for fireplace conversions or for custom furniture with the following kits that can be added to the burner. The fireplace conversion kit is a simple way to bring an old or non-working fireplace back to life. It is easily set into the hearth, ignited, and enjoyed. With the addition of a zero-clearance firebox surround, the EB2400 may be easily integrated into plans for new constructions or used for custom entertainment centers and other bespoke pieces. 

a detailed look

EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert

  • Product design objective. 

EB2400’s design was centered around the first interaction with a fireplace – one that is visual. A design language that sought to produce a modern linear fireline that would be reflected on the surface of high-quality metal. Flames that would reach a pleasurable height throughout the majority of the fireplace experience.

  • Fireplace safety measures.

As with all IGNIS designs, fireplace safety is contemplated at each decision-making step before moving forward. As such, two key components were integrated into the appliance: spill-proof technology and an outer safety layer of stainless steel. A ceramic media integrated into the burner’s interior provides a safety measure, especially for those fireplace designs that are freestanding, like outdoor firepits or bespoke indoor tables. With this integration, should the burner be overturned, the material would capture the liquid fuel to prevent a “runaway” flame and the potential damage and harm it would cause.

The outer “sleeve” was added as a precautionary measure to ensure that fuel was doubly-contained. In the rare event that the core layer of the burner leak, the outer safety layer would contain the fuel to prevent its escape from the appliance.

The final safety measure that was incorporated into the fireplace insert was a reinforcement of the burner’s baffle. To prevent potential warping or buckling from the constant exposure to heat, a thick, heavy reinforcement bar was added to the underside of the burner’s baffle. This ensures that the extinguishing function not be affected by air pockets that a warped baffle would cause. As yet another measure to prevent this, a separate “emergency extinguisher” is included with each burner.

  • Ease of installation.

Taking advantage of the inherent convenience of ethanol burning technology as a whole, this ethanol fireplace insert is easy to install. Because there are no attachments to the burner insert, it is simply dropped into a void in the custom fireplace surround. Using the cutout dimensions provided, the installer simply incises to specs and drops the ethanol burner into its recess.

  • User-friendliness.

As a manually operated ethanol fireplace insert, the EB2400 is easy for the fireplace user to operate. Fueling is accomplished by pouring the bio ethanol fuel into the burner’s fire opening via a funnel that is delivered with the appliance. Once full, it is ignited by using a long safety match or grill-type lighter. Extinguishing is just as easy – done by pulling the lid over the flame area with the included control wand. This removes the oxygen, thus extinguishing the flames.

  • Vent-free, unattached fireplace. No vent, electricity, fuel line, or fuel tank is needed.
  • Fabricated with a design that was patented ensures the complete combustion of ethanol fuel.
  • Requires no ongoing maintenance other than occasional cleaning. 
  • Comprised of grades 304 and 301s brushed stainless steel for interior and exterior appropriateness.
  • Is fitted to coordinate with a grate surround for fireplace conversions and a zero-clearance firebox surround for use in bespoke furniture. 
  • (1) EB2400 Ethanol burner with safety tray
  • (1) Extinguishing wand
  • (1) Emergency extinguisher
  • (1) Funnel
  • (1) User manual
Overall Dimensions:
W 24″ x H 4.5″ x D 8.5″, 23 pounds
Shipping Dimensions:
W 33″ x H 11″ x 8″, 26 pounds
Fuel Capacity

7 Liters (7.4 Quarts)

Minimum Fuel Required

3 Liters (3.17 Quarts) For Satisfactory Results

Approximate Burn Time

11 Hours

Approximate Heat Output

12,700 BTU

Must be installed into a surround constructed of non-combustible materials. No combustible material shall be within 24″ in any direction of the burner.

  • Cutout Dimensions:
    • Length: 23-3/4 in (60.3cm) (left to right)
    • Width: 8 in (20.3cm) (front to back)
    • Depth: 4-1/2 in (11.4cm) (top to bottom)
  • Required Clearances:
    • 1 1/2″ Front
    • 2″ Rear
    • 4″ Sides
    • 30″ Overhead
  • Minimum Space Required:
    • 2,540 Cubic Feet.

A television may be mounted or recessed at least 30″ from the burner’s flame opening. A mantle or shelf-like structure between the appliances is also recommended.

Coupled with IGNIS ethanol fuel, brilliant orange flames add warmth and ambiance.

Built to Withstand.

The EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert was developed for statement-making fireplace designs in any environment. The burner’s body has been constructed with grade 340 brushed stainless steel. The attached extinguishing lid was assigned a 310S stainless for its high heat tolerance. The burner employs a dual-wall design that houses spill-proof media. The marriage culminates in one of the safest manually operated ethanol fireplace inserts on the market today.

EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert - IGNIS
EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert - IGNIS

Ethanol Easiness.


Simply pour IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Fuel into the burner's opening (when unlit and cool) using a funnel until you reach the "max" fill indicator. 


Using a long fireplace lighter or match, ignite the liquid ethanol by placing the lighter near the fuel. The vapors being emitted will ignite and the flames will start to appear.


Now, just sit back and relax. Within the next 10-15 minutes, the 40" linear flame will begin to warm your home and your heart.

Our original wood burning fireplace, which we loved, had become more hassle than we wanted. After seeing a bio fuel fireplace insert at an open house, we starting researching and found Ignis to be the best choice. We have only used it 3-4 times this summer but were very impressed with the ambience it provides and even the slight amount of heat was nice.
Judy Arnold
Judy Arnold Homes

EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert in action:

The most common questions about the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert

Is the EB2400 Safe to Use Inside?

Yes. When IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Fuel combusts, it only emits warmth, water vapor, and CO2. Therefore, it is an Eco-friendly source of fuel source that doesn’t require a vent. Because of this, the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert is safe to use inside. Please note, though, EB2400s produces REAL FIRE. Therefore, it is crucial that it is installed in a space equal to, or greater than 2,540 cubic feet.

You may calculate the cubic footage of your space using this equation: room length x room width x room ceiling height. If you are uncertain which ethanol fireplace insert is appropriate for your project, please feel free to reach out to our fireplace professionals through telephone, email, or live chat. We are here to ensure you are choosing the best and safest ethanol fireplace solution!

What Materials are Required to Safely Install the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

When installing the IGNIS® EB2400 ethanol fireplace insert, the materials used in the fireplace burner’s surround must be non-combustible. A non-combustible cannot ignite nor burn when introduced to the fire. The most common material used by IGNIS® Customers, both professional and do-it-yourself, is concrete backer board. The most popular and readily available brands of backer board are HardieBacker®, DuRock®, & Wonderboard®. Other customers have chosen to install their ethanol fireplace insert into brick, stone, concrete, cement, metal, and tempered sheet glass. We also recommend employing metal studs to construct the skeleton of your custom fireplace surround.

May I Recess or Mount a TV Over the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

Yes. If you would like to mount or recess a television over the EB2400, it is important to adhere to a minimum of thirty inches (30”) of clearance between the two appliances. This space is measured from the top of the ethanol fireplace insert’s flame opening to the bottom of the tv, soundbar, etc.

As an additional measure to block the heat transfer from the ethanol fireplace insert to the tv, a mantle or shelf-like piece between the two is recommended. Remember, an ethanol fireplace insert is ventless. You keep all the heat it emits – and, as we know, heat rolls up. So, the efforts to “control” this warmth, the safer the installation becomes. The piece you elect for placement between the fireplace and tv should extend from the wall a distance that is at least equal to the tv. We also recommend that it is made from a material (like stone or metal) that is non-combustible and can withstand the heat that it will receive.

May I control the flame size of an IGNIS® Ethanol Fireplace Insert?

The EB2400 offers only “on and off” functionality. The heat output emitted by these ethanol fireplace inserts dictates that the metal does not sit over the flame and is therefore hinged, to not warp the lid preventing extinction when desired.

Is the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert Warranted?

Yes. The EB2400 ethanol fireplace insert is warranted to be free of defects. Complete terms and conditions of the warranty may be found here.

Can I use fire glass or decorative accessories with the EB2400?

Yes. Decorative accessories that are intended for use with a vent-free fireplace insert may be used to adorn the EB2400. It is important to note, though, that all decorative pieces of media should be arranged AROUND the burner opening of the fireplace insert. It MUST NOT be placed directly over the flames. Also, it is vital to be sure that the decorative pieces don’t prevent the adjustment or extinguishing function of the fireplace insert. We also suggest that decorative items consist of larger individual pieces that can’t accidentally enter the combustion chamber. If a decorative accessory falls into the chamber, it may emit unknown toxins and may not be able to withstand the direct heat, causing it to smoke or violently break and expel itself creating a safety risk.

May I use multiple EB2400 inserts in my custom design?

While you may elect to employ multiple ethanol fireplace burners in your design, it is important to understand the potential safety risks this presents. When bio ethanol fireplace fuel burns, it is the vapors that ignite and combust. Therefore, even if you don’t intend to light an ethanol fireplace insert, if it is positioned next to one that you are igniting, there is a possibility that it, too, will ignite (because the vapors are still being emitted). This is especially important to note when having to reach across an insert to light or extinguish another. Therefore, before moving forward with a design of this type, we strongly urge that you contact an IGNIS® Fireplace Expert for a free consultation. It will be helpful to have a sketch or rendering of the design so that we may consult on the safest way to move forward. Fireplace Experts may be reached via phone, email, or chat.

Can the EB2400 Ethanol Fireplace Insert be Installed Outside?

Yes. When installing the EB2400 insert outside, it must be installed in an area that is partially covered so that it doesn’t have direct contact with the outdoor elements. It is suggested that, when in an outdoor setting, the ethanol fireplace insert be positioned under an overhang, partial roof, etc.

In exterior environments that contain saltwater in the air, the outdoor installation of an ethanol fireplace insert is discouraged. Like any metal, stainless steel will quickly rust in this environment. If the setting in which you are installing a fireplace contains saltwater air, please contact our fireplace experts who may be able to assist with an alternative fireplace solution specific to your needs.

When situated outside, it is important to monitor debris, etc. that may enter the ethanol fireplace insert’s combustion chamber and impede or alter its performance. We suggest that any ethanol fireplace insert that is used outdoors be covered or removed (only once cool) until the next time it is ignited. It is important to examine the inside of the insert prior to lighting it and remove any debris that may cause an irregular response.

Will the stainless steel ethanol fireplace insert tarnish over time?

Yes. The exposure to heat, as with any stainless steel, will cause “rainbow” markings over time. The presence of these markings will vary depending on the frequency in which the ethanol fireplace insert is used. Also, a carbon residue on the fireplace insert after use may be seen. Both are normal occurrences and are easily addressed – when, and only when the fireplace is EXTINGUISHED and COOL TO THE TOUCH:

  • When noticing “rainbow” markings on the ethanol fireplace insert, we suggest the use of the stainless steel cleaner BARKEEPERS FRIEND. Just follow the instructions on the product’s packaging to get rid of the rainbow patterns on the metal. To bring back the shine of the insert’s metal once cleansed, use a stainless steel cleaner to increase the brilliance. A regular maintenance regimen will keep your fireplace insert looking new for years to come.
  • When black carbon residue is present in or around the ethanol fireplace insert, easily remove the powder-like substance with a vacuum. Once removed, using soap and a soft rag, wipe in line with the brush marks of the stainless steel. A regular maintenance regimen using this process will help to maintain the brilliance of the insert’s stainless steel for many years.

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