IGNIS® Intelligence: The Smart Ethanol Burner Range

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Ignis® Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

IGNIS® Intelligence: The Smart Ethanol Burner Range

IGNIS® Intelligence.

IGNIS® Safety

All Smart Ethanol Burners are offered with the optional IGNIS® Guardian Child Lock Feature. Contact us for more information!

The History:

It was in the 1900s when fireplaces became known as architectural elements in the home. Quite popular during the time, “fireside chats” by the US President helped to change the overall mindset that a fireplace was only used as an appliance – a heater for the home. These chats illustrated the aesthetic quality of fireplaces and connected the warmth of conversation, visual pleasantries of dancing flames, and their value in design.

It was in 2011 when IGNIS® started contemplating fireplace technology. First, we studied how logs burned in a wood-burning hearth. How the odoriferous smoke permeated the space and what it did to the planet. How masonry chimneys crumbled with time and cost a small fortune to repair. How inconvenient chopping, drying, stacking, and storing wood was.

Then we turned our attention to the gas fireplace. We watched the quality of the flame and the convenience of operation. We studied the cost of operating a gas fireplace. We investigated the cost and danger of gas lines running underground into the home.

After this contemplation of the traditional fireplace, we went to work. We curated an offering of ventless, ethanol-burning fireplaces and brought them to market. A range that included tabletop fireplaces, wall-mounted fireplaces, recessed fireplaces freestanding fireplaces, fireplace grates, and ethanol fireplace burner inserts – all manually operated. Our offering was a hit! IGNIS® products were being shipped globally and our ethanol inserts were being specified by interior designers, custom home builders, architects, and general contractors.

Since its inception, our company has been guided by a set of values from which we refuse to depart. One of these values is to innovate. To continue learning and contemplating fire. Continue finding ways that folks like us (and you) can enjoy the inherent beauty of fire yet control the inherent dangers its flames present.

In 2015, we introduced the IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burner Range. A series of ventless ethanol fireplace inserts that used electricity and state-of-the-art technology to deliver its clean-burning flames. Made available in lengths of 18″ to 72″ (and offered as custom pieces in any length up to 144″), these remote-controlled fireplace inserts were greeted by those in the trade with great acclaim. This range of fireplace solutions offered more convenience and the highest level of safety available. (Also read our article: Six Designs Using A Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert!)

So, here is the nitty-gritty on the IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burner Range:

Smart Fireplace Inserts: State-of-the-Art Safety Features.

Safety features are constantly monitored by way of the motherboard incorporated into each IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burner. Should any condition become irregular during the fireplace’s operation, it will intuitively self-extinguish and disable ignition until conditions safely stabilize. All remaining fuel will be locked into the reservoir. The following features create the safest fireplace experience on the market today:

  • Overheating Prevention Device
  • Seismic Shift Detection & Disable
  • Carbon Dioxide Density Sensor & Alarm
  • Controlled Combustion Level
  • Overflow Prevention Device
  • IGNISion Safety Igniting Feature
  • Separate, Sealed & Locked Fuel Reservoir
  • Doubly-Layered Combustion Chamber
  • Re-Ignition Safety Timer
  • Optional IGNIS® Guardian Child Safety Device

Incomparable Convenience: IGNIS® Smart Ventless Fireplace Inserts.

In addition to the safety features of the IGNIS® Smart Burner Range, this assemblage of Smart Fireplace Inserts offers unparalleled convenience for today’s modern lifestyle. Fire is now at your fingertips or your voice command! Here are the perks:

  • Push Button Ignition, Flame Intensity Adjustment, and Extinction on the Burner’s Casing.
  • Remote Control Device to Ignite, Adjust or Extinguish the Flames. 
  • Ignition, Adjustment, and Extinction with the IGNIS® Intelligence App that may be Accessed with Your Smart Phone or Tablet. 
  • Integrated Amazon Alexa Smart Home Compatibility. 
  • Integrated Google Home Smart Home Compatibility. 
  • Option for Inclusion of Dry Contact KNX / RS232 / RS485 for integration with Smart Home Automation such as Crestron®, Zigbee®, Control4®, Savant, etc.
  • Five (5) Flame Intensity Levels.
  • Push Button Automatic Fuel Introduction.
  • Fuel Introduction Level Adjustment.
  • Visual and Audio Alerts for Sensory Reporting and Low Fuel Level.

The IGNIS® Smart Ethanol Burners operate with a standard household electrical outlet of 120v. A CR2032 3v lithium battery for the remote control device is not included. Delivered in a wooden crate by a small parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx). Lead Times Vary Based on Demand and Technology Upgrade Cycles.

Intelligent. Innovative. Inspiring. Intuitive. Insightful. IGNIS® Rethink Fire.™

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