Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces

Picturesque Fire

At IGNIS®, we offer many ways to introduce a fire element into your indoor or outdoor space. Our Wall Mounted Fireplace Collection allows you to enjoy a ventless, smoke and odor-free fireplace experience just about anywhere you’d like without sacrificing valuable floor space. We know that buying an ethanol wall fireplace online can be difficult. So, we’ve added many images and videos to be sure you get a clear view of our vent-free fireplace offering. We strive to offer clean burning and Eco-friendly fireplaces that are of the highest quality and that will never go out of style! Shop today and enjoy the ventless wall fireplace you’ve always wanted for your indoor or outdoor space with from the IGNIS® Wall Mount Fireplace Collection!

Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are only be useful and safe in a space when they are sized correctly to the space and coordinate with the theme of the indoor or outdoor space. Be sure to select a ventless fireplace produces enough ambient warmth in the space by considering the area, to include the height of the ceiling and quality of insulation. Thinking about this first will ensure that you’re extending the life of your investment. If you have any questions about the recessed fireplaces offered here, please call us at 855-MY-IGNIS, email us at info@ignisproducts.com or reach out through our online chat system.

To enhance the overall appearance of your fireplace, be sure to look at our accessories, including decorative pebbles and ceramic fireplace logs that may be used with any of these models!